Welcome! Six Miles Away is a travel blog written by A Nomad. A Traveler. An Explorer. A Volunteer. Someone who cannot stay in the same place for too long without constantly getting itchy feet. I Travel. I Explore. I Share. I write about it. Why do I do it? So I can convince you to do the exact same thing.

zulu_girlMe. Sixtina. (yes that’s my real name!) World traveler, who long-term lived in many different countries and therefore has many homes and friends around the globe. Be it Germany, Mexico, The Netherlands, Spain, USA or Ireland.

The diversity of those countries, is exactly what my personality is like today. Growing up in Germany, spending one year in an American High School as a teenager, studying 4 years in The Netherlands, going 6 months abroad to Mexico and doing an internship in Spain…all have developed and contributed to the person I am today. Speaking several languages (more to come), being open-minded and patient, funny and entertaining as well as spontaneous are just a few traits of mine.

Of course I love traveling as a tourist as well, since I won’t be alive long enough to actually have lived in each country on this planet. My personal goal is to visit one new country each year. On this blog I want to share my experiences, to make it easy for other people, who still want or currently are already discovering the world.

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