It is this time of the year when you are running around trying to find the perfect Christmas present for everyone. Guess what…? You can stop running and comfortably order online from home. Below I show you the perfect Christmas presents for travelers in case you are still looking for a friend or family member.

Personalized World Globes

My latest discovery includes personalized world globes. You can get them in different colors and sizes as well as customize them. This way you can be sure it is unique to the person who will get one. Whether you’ll just put a quote, names or dates is up to you. You can find lots of those on Etsy such as from Adventure Travels ShopWACalligraphyCO and GildedGraceDesign. Just search for “personalized world globes” or “customized world globes”and you will find lots of results.

Personalized World Globe by GildedGraceDesign on Etsy

Passport Cover

One item all travelers have in common is their passport. By itself passports look very solid and boring. So why not revamp it with a cheerful cover. Once again you will find lots of them on Etsy or Amazon. There is even the possibility to get personalized ones on websites like Zazzle (UK) or Ciaobambina (USA) depending on in which country you live in.

Personalized Passport Cover by Ciaobambina

Scratch Map

As mentioned in my other post scratch your own world I also own one of those! I was the happiest person when I got it for Christmas a few years ago! Now I can easily track where I still have to go and at the same time have a great overview of where I have already been! There are multiple places to buy those online such as Amazon, Urban Outfitters or I guarantee you that this map is one of the best Christmas presents for travelers.

Scratch Map by

Selfie Stick

Even though it might look silly using a selfie stick I am sure that it will be considered as one of the best Christmas presents for travelers. The lucky owner will definitely love it.  Especially if they are traveling solo and still want to be in the photo as an evidence of having been there. Since I am in those situations sometimes I bought myself one from Amazon and absolutely love it. I promise you’ll have so much fun with it and will take the funniest photos and videos. In my opinion you have not been at a place if you are not in at least one photo. Landscape photos could just be taken from Google.😉 NOTE: When selecting a selfie stick make sure it does not have a separate remote but rather built in. This way it is less likely to lose it. You can find them in any electronic shop such as Media Market and Saturn in Germany or Walmarkt, Target and Best Buy in the USA.

Selfie Stick from Amazon


I am sure most travelers will end up in warmer destinations at some point during their travels. Therefore a portable hammock which is small enough to fit in any suitcase will be one out of many great Christmas presents for travelers. I am sure a traveler will be able to find two things opposite each other in order to hang the hammock in between. Then just relax in it while writing another blog post or talking to family and friends. I bought mine at Tiger but there are plenty to be found on Amazon of course.

Portable Hammock by Himal

Lonely Planets

Before traveling to new destinations it is recommended to at least do a bit of research before. That way you’ll know where to find local food, sightseeing tours and events. Even full time travelers need to research a tiny bit to get the most out of their trips. For this situation Lonely Planets are a great present as they give you ideas of what to see, what to eat and how to get to places. A traveler can never have enough Lonely Planets. You can buy them as a physical or eBook from their website directly.

Lonely Planets


Getting from A to B requires some time and might take a while. Especially if you travel low budget and take a bus instead of an airplane it will eventually take way longer. For those situations you’ll be happy to have entertainment. Therefore an eBook reader is just one out of many great Christmas presents for travelers to overcome boredom. Since physical books are heavy and take away room in your suitcase an eBook is the complete opposite. It is light and includes more than just one book. Check out my post about my first Kindle eBook- reading made easy which I bought on Amazon.

eBook Kindle on Amazon

For Her: Travel Jewelry & Accessories

Which girl does not like jewelry or other accessories. For travel girls there is no better Christmas present than travel related jewelry or accessories such as a necklace, bracelet, rings or watches. Be it jewelry including an airplane, world map or beach wave. You can find some inspirations on the following websites: JET Setter Shop, Mini World Co. and Stilnest.

World Watch from MiniWordCo


Stilnest collection “Globetrotter Treasures” by Luisa Lión


World Bracelet from JetSetterShop

Gift Cards of all Kinds

In the worst case scenario you can buy gift cards. They always work if you don’t know what to get. Travelers will always be happy to buy anything they don’t actually have to pay out of their own pockets. That way they can spend their own money on something they really want to. Gift cards can include hotel/hostel vouchers, restaurants, clothing, accessories or books. I am sure any of those are appreciated as travelers get to decide himself/herself what he/she needs for the next trip.

Did I forget something? What would you like to have under your Christmas tree?

PS: If you still need more inspiration, you can check out my product reviews category.