My Travel Pharmacy – Essential Oils from dōTERRA


For a long time, I have been opposed to all kinds of pills and medication, even if I only have a headache. Instead, I have always been interested in how to solve such things in a natural, alternative way. That’s why I would like to share my travel pharmacy, consisting out of essential oils from dōTERRA, with you.

Before heading off to my travels last year, I bought 3 different essential oils from dōTERRA. This company produces one of the purest essential oils in the world. Let me tell you more about it.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are naturally produced essences by plants that can smell very good, but also intense. In nature itself, they are used to keep pests away, attract insects for pollination, protect from high and low temperatures and so on.

Just imagine a tree. Think of the bark, stems, roots, flowers, fruits, leaves etc. In all these parts you will find essential oils. If you ever enjoyed a bouquet of roses, a walk through the forest and freshly cut lemon, then you have already experiences the magic of essential oils.

However, essential oils don’t just smell good, but can also lift up your mood and calm your senses. They are mainly used for their health-promoting characteristics, such as reduce pain, lift depressive mood, inhibit inflammation and strengthen your immune system. 

Essential oils are very powerful and naturally safe, meaning that they are 50-70x stronger than herbs. For example, 1 drop peppermint oil is as powerful as 28 cups of peppermint tea. Furthermore, essential oils are very safe because everything is natural and free of impurities and chemical residues.

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Why Essential Oils from dōTERRA?

No Dilution and Adulteration

Most of the time when you buy essential oils, you can never be sure how pure it really is. The problem is that there is no industry standard saying what essential oil is and what ingredients are allowed in it. That’s why you will often find bottles labeled as essential oils, but in reality, they include a big part of synthetic/chemical oils. So, do your research good before buying.

The “fake” bottles are easily noticeable when looking at the price and instructions, for example, whether or not it can be used internally or only externally. A really good and pure essential oil will usually be more than 10-15€ and often can be used internally as well.

Highest Quality and Purity

Essential oils from dōTERRA are of superior quality standard for natural safety and one of the purest you can find on the market. The plants needed for the oils are from all around the world, wherever they naturally grow the best and are carefully harvested by experienced farmers according to the ideal extract composition.

Each essential oil from dōTERRA is tested to make sure it corresponds with the quality protocol of CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade). Most of the oils can be used internally which speaks for the high quality itself.

You can even enter the quality ID (to be found underneath every bottle) on dōTERRA’s source to you website and receive test reports for your specific oil you are holding in your hands and where it is from. Where is this possible?

Co-Impact Sourcing

Co-impact sourcing does not only mean fair working conditions and payments, but also training, long-term partnerships and the creation of economic growth and good living conditions for the regions in which the plants for the oils are growing.

Training does not only refer to training in cultivation and distillation, but also the construction of schools and kindergartens which is a very responsible way of dealing with people and nature. In this regard, also check out what travelers can do against pollution and exploitation.

My Travel Pharmacy – Essential Oils from dōTerra

During my Asia travels, I took exactly 3 essential oils from dōTERRA with me which were lemon, lavender, and peppermint. It was very convenient that the bottles were so small and easy to carry in my backpack. I will tell you now for what I used them.


Lavender is a very well known essential oil from dōTERRA for the skin. That’s why I used it many times when I had a sunburn. 

However, it also helps against stress, sleepless nights, burns, and anxiety. That’s why I always put 1 drop each on my wrists before entering an airplane as I am afraid of flying. It always helped me to calm down.

Finally, I had bleeding gums. So, I used 1-2 drops of Lavender, in the water after brushing my teeth, to rinse my mouth and calm down my gums.

Generally speaking, some people also add lavender oil to their bathtubs, in their shampoos if they suffer from dandruff, underneath their feet for better sleep or on their pillow as a form of aromatherapy.



Lemon is a very well known essential oils from dōTERRA in regards to cleaning. Yes, some people clean their furniture with this, but that should not be my main use.

I used lemon oil during my travels to stimulate my digestion. As you might know, the best way to get to know a new country is by eating your way around. This often results in less balanced nutritions. Therefore, every morning before I ate, I added 1-2 drops of lemon into my glass of water.

Furthermore, whenever I was a bit sick because of air conditioning and had throat pain, I made myself a hot tea and also added lemon drops. Most of you probably know this already fro being sick when everyone tells you to drink a hot lemon. 

Finally, some people also use it to bake a cake or lift up their mood by smelling on it.



Peppermint was the 3rd essential oils from dōTERRA that I took on my travels. I mainly used it for headaches. I applied 1 drop on each temple and 1 on my forehead on the neck, depending on where my pain was. Then I laid down, my head got super warm and I was enjoying my peppermint cloud around me. After 30 minutes usually, I was all good.

Furthermore, peppermint also works wonders when you feel nauseous. Simply take 1-2 drops with a glass of water. 

Finally, I also enjoyed taking it as a mouthwash after brushing my teeth. It gave me such a fresh taste in my mouth.


As you can see, with just 3 oils you can already solve so many daily aches without taking pills or other medication. Of course, there are many more oils available and the usage of each single one does not stop with the above-mentioned examples. The variety is so much bigger and I learn a lot every day.

I can only share my excitement and experience with essential oils from dōTERRA with you and encourage you to try them yourself. Your body will thank you.

PS: If you are curious now and want to learn more about essential oils. you can get a free oil consultation, or join one of our monthly FREE webinars.

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