A new year, a new start and together with it lots of new years resolutions are coming your way. Below you will find a list on how to recharge your energy to have a good start into the next year.

Power of Water – Never underestimate the healing power of water- a natural given resource. In order to have a fresh start, you should take a warm bath. If you don’t have a bathtub go visit a Spa instead. Maybe you are lucky and they even have a salty water pool there like in Inchydoney.

Get Active – Go for a walk in the park, breathe in some fresh air and just let your thoughts flow. The most exhausting “activity” for your body most likely is to have constant thoughts, especially negative ones. Your body can never really get to rest as it is already thinking about the next thing. Bad weather is no excuse for not going out..

Sleep – No matter how busy you are, how many deadlines to meet or events to prepare you should allow yourself to take some power naps and just try to sleep a few hours through. Sleep is and stays the best medicine and doesn’t care if you have time for it or not.

Have Fun – Do something you enjoy after all the stress throughout the year. It can be as easy as shopping, planning your next holiday trip, going to a fun park, bowling with friends, sport or clubbing. Just anything that makes you happy and lets yourself be the way you are.

Hang out with Happy People – Spend time with people you enjoy hanging out with and take distance from the ones that bother you or are always negative. Sooner or later you will have to face them again, be it at work or in your free time – so take a break from them now.

Reflect on Achievements – It is said to never think about the past or hang on to it but in this case we’ll make an exception. Think about what you have achieved this year and be proud of it. Don’t think about the things you did not get done. Just take a moment and reflect on your achievements this year and have a proud moment for yourself.

Break down Goals – Think about what your goals for next year will be. Instead of having just one big goal, you are better off breaking this one goal into many small ones. This way you have an overview about open tasks, easily tick off accomplished tasks and be confident that you can do it since you will see progress.

Laugh, Laugh, Laugh – nothing more to say. Smile and laugh as long as you have teeth, but even when they all fell out never stop laughing!