My Bucket List

Every traveler has an ultimate bucket list which is getting longer daily. Either written down on a piece of paper or digitally stored somewhere. Some experiences, moments, events, things or other stuff they are graving for. Check out mine for some inspiration. What’s on yours?

  1. Walk up Macci Piccu in Peru.
  2. Take funny pictures in the Uyuni salt desert in Boliva.
  3. Go on a backwater tour in Allepey, India.
  4. Ride a camel anywhere.
  5. Take a helicopter ride.
  6. Take a bath in the Hot Springs/Hot Blue Lagoon in Iceland and a road trip through the island.
  7. Chill in a hammock in Puerto Escondido in Mexico.
  8. Eat fried insects in Asia.
  9. Celebrate carnival in Brazil.
  10. Eat at the Underwater Restaurant in the Maldives.
  11. See the Niagara Waterfalls.
  12. Drive on the wrong side of the road.
  13. See the Northern Lights.
  14. Visit Disney World in Orlando.
  15. Enjoy paradise in Bora Bora & Maldives: How blue is that water? How relaxing and calm is the atmosphere. You can actually have a meal sitting in clear water with your table and chair.
  16. See all world wonders. (Great Wall of China, Maccu Piccu in Peru, Petra in Jordan, Christ the Redeemer in Brazil, Taj Mahal in India, Chichen Itza in Mexico, Colosseum in Italy, Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt)
  17. Going to the Oktoberfest: I have to admit, even though I am German, I have never managed to go to the most popular German event.
  18. Learn Spanish.
  19. Eat Sushi in Japan.
  20. Go to one of the Fullmoon Parties in Thailand.
  21. Go to Cappadocia in Turkey to see the hot ballots flying around in the air all at once.
  22. Ride on an elephant.
  23. See penguins in Peru.
  24. Visit the running of the bulls festival in Spain.
  25. See how far I can get with hitchhiking.
  26. Visiting Cuba and learning about their culture, meeting its people and looking at those beautiful, colorful streets.
  27. Relax at the beautiful blue beaches in Curacao.
  28. Go to Holi Festival of Colors in India.
  29. Be part and participate in a flash mob.
  30. Swim with seals anywhere.
  31. Go to the La Tomatino Festival in Spain.
  32. Go one year work and travel in Australia.
  33. Learn French.
  34. As a casino addict it would be great to gamble in Las Vegas.
  35. Swim with pigs on the Bahamas.
  36. Work and Travel in New Zealand
  37. Get a Tattoo.
  38. Visit a cigar factory in Cuba.
  39. Climb up the pyramids in Teotihuacan.
  40. Take the tequila train from Tequila to Guadalajara or other way around in Mexico.
  41. Visit chefchaouen blue city in Morocco.
  42. Sleep in a glass igloo in Norway.
  43. Visit Burano in Italy.
  44. Walk up all the stairs on Santorini island.
  45. Visit gum wall in Seattle.
  46. Visit all 7 contintents.
  47. Go Whale Watching in Ireland.
  48. Go watch a broadway show.
  49. Visit Grand Canyon.
  50. Go on a helicopter flight anywhere.
  51. Visit Galapagos Islands.
  52. Eat at Giraffe Manor in Kenya.
  53. Drink Curacao cocktail in Curacao.
  54. My ultimate goal, after I saw most of the world is to live in Barcelona forever.
  55. ….to be continued continue

Now you have an idea of my bucket list, which of course is changing every now and then…whenever I tick something off my current list or discover new places I really want to visit. Now it’s your turn. What’s on your bucket list?

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