Thank you for being interested in working with me. I am always open for interesting projects, events and collaborations. Find out what I can offer to you and also what kind of projects I am looking for. I really do enjoy sharing great content and experiences with my readers. Just contact or write me an email to if you are interested in working with me.


WRITING BLOG POSTS FOR YOUR WEBSITE – Do you have a website and need a regular contributor. Here I am. I write mainly about travel and the destinations I have been to. Maybe there is one destination you have not been to yet but would like to have content on? Then drop me a line.

SOCIAL MEDIA TAKEOVERS – I am more than happy to takeover your Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook account for a while and show your followers around in Ireland or wherever I am at the moment.

TAKING PHOTOS – My blog posts include many photos of my travels around the world. If you like one of them let me know and I am happy to help out. I always appreciate if some of them get featured. Additionally I can provide you with new photos of certain spots or must see attractions if I am around those destinations and you are in need of them. As mentioned before I am currently in Ireland.

VOLUNTEER WORK – I am a big fan of volunteer work as I enjoy doing good for the world. If you happen to have an interesting volunteer project and still need help, let me know. I am happy to help out if I don’t have to spend a fortune up front. I love to organize events, teach languages, do sports and many other things. I guess you got an idea now.

MAKING & EDITING VIDEOS – I am no professional yet but certainly trying to shoot some nice videos when on the road traveling. I am happy to provide you with some footage from Ireland anytime as this is my current location or any other destination I am traveling to.


REVIEWS OF ALL KINDS – It can be a product to test, a book to read, a restaurant to eat, a hotel to stay, an activity or anything else. I am very open minded and happy to try out new things, visit new places where I have not been yet in order to enrich my and my readers experience. If you think your product could be interesting for my readers, drop me a line.

GIVEAWAYS – I am happy to introduce, write about and spread relevant (new) travel products throughout all my social media channels. Who does not like to try its luck and win something?

GUEST BLOGGER COLLABORATIONS – I am always open for great stories of other bloggers and happy to share those on my blog under the “Meet & Greet” section. Additionally, collaborations and shared blog post about a chosen topic which interests my readers are welcome.

EVENTS – I am currently living in Ireland and are looking for blogger events (preferably travel) to get in touch with others and share experiences. However, I don’t hesitate to travel for an event, so let me know anyways.

VOLUNTEER PROJECTS – The best “work” in the world is when it is for free and fun. I love to volunteer for many kind of causes and are always looking for volunteer projects where I don’t have to spend my savings up front to agencies. If you have an interesting project going on and need some help, let me know.