Let’s Collaborate!

First of all, thank you for being interested in working with me. I am always open for interesting projects, events and collaborations. Find out what I can offer to you and also what kind of projects I am looking for. I really enjoy sharing great content and experiences with my readers.

Just send an email to contact@sixmilesaway.com to get in touch.

What can I offer?

Guest Posts  – Do you have a website and need a regular contributor. Here I am. I write mainly about my expat life and destinations I have travelled to. Maybe there is one destination you have not been to yet but would like to have content on? Then drop me a line.

Sponsored Social Media Posts – I am more than happy to do sponsored Instagram and blog posts as well as Instagram takeovers to show your followers around where I am at that moment.

Podcast Guest – I love to share my personal stories and thoughts about my expat life and also travel experiences.

Digital Content Creation – I offer freelance work in making videos. I can just edit your existing footage and create a video out of it, or record a new one from scratch for you. Let’s discuss.

Volunteer Work – I am a big fan of volunteer work as I enjoy doing good for the world. If you happen to have an interesting volunteer project and still need help, let me know.

What am I looking for?

Expat Blogger – I am always looking for great stories of other expat bloggers. I currently share those on my blog under the “Expat Stories” section. Additionally, collaborations and shared blog post about a chosen topic which interests my readers are welcome.

Brand Ambassadorship – Always happy to act as a brand ambassador on behalf of a company I support. Preferably in the travel industry or anything related to living abroad.

Affiliate Marketing – Willing to share affiliate links of products and services I have used myself and were satisfied with.

Reviews of all kinds– It can be an app that is in beta phase, product, book, restaurant, hotel, an activity etc. I am very open minded and happy to try out new things in order to enrich my own and my readers life. If you think you have a suitable product, drop me a line.

Giveaways – I am happy to introduce, write about and spread relevant (new) travel products throughout all my social media channels.

Blogger Events – I am currently living in Ireland and are looking for blogger events to get in touch with others and share experiences.

Volunteer Projects – The best “work” in the world is when it is for free and fun. I love to volunteer for many kind of causes and are always looking for volunteer projects. If you have an interesting project going on and need some help, let me know.