Hello friends, I’m Sixtina!

Yes, you read correctly! Sixtina is my name, just like the number 16. 

If you are too lazy to keep on reading, here is me described in a few words: 

Expat. World Traveler. Explorer. Volunteer. Story Teller. Inner Peace Seeker. Nature Lover. Consumer of anything eatable. Infinite Learner. 

Hello from the cliffs in Ireland
Hello from the cliffs in Ireland

But lets start from the beginning…

I am a German woman made in the 90s, who spent one year in an American High School as a teenager, studied 4 years in The Netherlands, lived 6 months in Mexico (study abroad semester) and did an internship in Spain (study abroad semester) for half a year as well. Afterwards, I moved to Ireland for work where I also spent 4 years in total – this seems to be the magic number, eh?

As you can see, my expat experiences already started when I was pretty young. I guess that’s why ever since I am so addicted to living abroad and travelling. I am currently taking a break from work and am pursuing my long desired dream of doing a world trip! 

Fun Facts

  1. I am from a small city in East Germany, called Erfurt, where we are said to have a funny accent! Do I?
  2. I am a big fan of horoscopes (read it daily/weekly) and often ask people for their birthdays right when I meet them. 
  3. I was a carnival dancer for 13 years in Germany. 
  4. I love going to Casinos and while living in Amsterdam even had a Casino pass. 
  5. I am always looking for other Sixtina’s in this world on social media and try to connect with them. 
  6. I believe in the power of will, positive attitude and Karma.
  7. When it comes to being sick, I am an opponent/enemy of medicine and never take pills.
  8. I always need to mix ketchup and mayo, otherwise I don’t like it. 
  9. I have an illness called wanderlust which I don’t really want to be cured. 

Still don’t have enough? Check out the video below for more fun facts about me in order to get to know me better.


Do you prefer long term or short term travel?

Hard to say. Of course, I love both, but I think you get more out of traveling long term. After all, I won’t be alive long enough in order to actually have lived in each country on this planet.

My personal goal is to visit one new country each year and discover at least 2 new places which don’t necessarily have to be abroad. I am also a big supporter of local travelling, meaning in your own country. 

Best travel experience due date?

Being invited to an African wedding of my friend in South Africa. I got to dress up in traditional clothing of the Zulu tribe and experienced the traditional rituals/ceremony from the first row.

Another amazing travel experience was visiting an Indian remote village near Jodphur. Due to our car breaking down we even got to stay there longer than expected. It was the best that could have happened. 

Visiting a remote village in India

How has travelling influenced my life?

Travelling and living in diverse countries has definitely contributed to the person I am today. From a rebellious teenager, who only wanted it her way, was intolerant and very stubborn, to a simple woman who speaks several languages (more to come), is super open-minded, tolerant patient, funny as well as spontaneous.

My life motto/mission?

I’d like to spread the message that the world is not a scary place, but rather full of beautiful souls.

People around the world are all the same, just live under different circumstances. However, we all share the basic needs/desires of love, being understood and belonging to a community.

I’d also like to promote the message that travelling does not have to be expensive, but is affordable with the right actions. 

Since I want many more people to experience the pleasure of travelling the world for many more years to come, it is important to take care of our planet. Therefore, I’d like to share tips and tricks on how you can travel sustainably.