How the Iceland Camping Card works


Most people who visit Iceland are up for camping, either in a tent or Van, and will most likely purchase a camping card, if staying for a longer time. People who only stay a few days probably don’t go for it.

Iceland Camping Card

Where to buy?

You can purchase the Iceland camping card either online for 150€, in a 10/11store in Iceland or Pósturinn (post office). I bought mine in the 10/11 store at Keflavík airport once I arrived. The price for one was 18.900 ISK (around 140-150€).

Who can use it?

The camping card is valid for 2 adults and 4 children for 28 nights, usually from June to Mid September each year. If you are 3 adults, you will need to purchase 2 cards. 

How to find campsites?

The Iceland camping card grants you access to around 40 campsites around Iceland. You can then camp on chosen campsites throughout the island. A full map with all camping sites in Iceland can be found online. The only thing you will then have to pay is the tax for the car or tent. In our case, it was 333 ISK which is around 2.70€.


How does it work?

When you get your Iceland camping card, you sign on the back of it. Then, each time you arrive at the campsite, you go to the reception with the camping card and your ID, pay the tax and that’s it.

For more detailed questions, you can visit the FAQ camping card part on the website.

My favourite Camping Site

My favourite camping site by far was Möðrudalur-Fjalladýrð, in the northeast of Iceland. You will have the most beautiful view on Icelandic mountains when you wake up in the morning, will enjoy a bonfire in the evening and get to pet wolfs and goats. For more impressions of this camping site, watch my video “Iceland Road Trip” (6:12min).


From there you can go for long hikes through the highlands, book a helicopter ride, jeep tour, visit a volcano, and much more. I am sure, you will love it as much as I did!


I hope this post answers most of your questions on how to use the camping card in Iceland. Also, check out my Iceland travel tips that will save you money and our 2 weeks itinerary through Iceland.

2 thoughts on “How the Iceland Camping Card works

  1. Eric says:

    Hello= We are two parents and two adult children traveling in an RV. How many camping cards would we need? We’ll be camping 8 -10 nights. Does it make sense to buy the cards.

    • Sixtina says:

      Hi Eric,

      yes totally worth it! If you dont have a camping card, you will be charged on a person basis (roughly 10€ per person) when you get to a campsite which will be more expensive. A camping card is valid for 2 adults and 4 children (16 years or younger). So, if you are planning to camp for more than 5 days it is already worth it. The card is valid for 28 days, no longer than that, but this won’t be an issue for you. However, depending on when you are going, the camping card is not available from September 15th to May 15th because many campsites close during that time. Hope that helps and have fun exploring Iceland! 🙂

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