Mi Casa Es Tu Casa – Welcome to my House in Guanajuato

After arriving save and sound in Guanajuato, it was time to find a place to stay for the next 6 months. Everyone who is wondering what I am doing here can read more about it in Viva Mexico – My life abroad in Guanajuato

Accommodation in Guanajuato

According to the saying “Mi casa es tu casa” (my house is your house), I finally found my very first “own” house for little money.

It is super easy to find a place in Guanajuato in case you want to stay long-term. There are so many offers in magazines, newspapers and street corners but you have to choose the best one for yourself of course. This house, I found via my friend from the language school, who in turn found it through the receptionist of her hostel. 

Guanajuato is a small city and therefore people know each other. A lot of information is forwarded verbally.

The House

The first time we visited the house, we immediately fell in love with it. We didn’t even want to look at other places anymore.

The owner was a woman from Switzerland who studied architecture and renewed the whole house by herself.

The house consists of three bedrooms which all come with furniture and a bathroom. Each room is painted in a different color and was named after it: green room, blue room, rosa room (mine!).

On the second floor we have our kitchen with everything we need and a living room which is super nice and cozy. The whole house is kept very colorful so that you are automatically in a good mood when waking up every day.

It also has a huge terrace that can easily hold more than 100 people and provides a great view of Guanajuato as it is situated uphill.

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