Cat Cafe in Amsterdam – Time for some Cuddling


Time for some cuddling! Finally I managed to visit the Cat Cafe in Amsterdam, which just opened a few years ago.

Originally, this concept comes from Asia and the idea behind it is the following: Cats are said to have a kind of soothing effect on people. So, that’s why we should hang out with those animals.

The cat cafe helps achieving exactly that – hanging out with cats and friends, while enjoying coffee or tea.


Kattencafe Kopjes

It is running under the name Kattencafe Kopjes in Amsterdam and costs 3€ entrance, which goes towards maintaining the cats (buying cat food, cleaning their litter boxes and buying toys). You can make reservations online and then stay 2h in the cafe itself.


There you can relax, cuddle, stroke and play with the cats as well as read about their stories how they got there. Some of them were rescued or street cats. I really enjoyed my time there since it was such a simple and different idea compared to normal cafes.

I like the fact that the Cat Cafe in Amsterdam provides a home for some cats, who would otherwise live on the street or in a shelter. (I am aware that not all street cats suffer and some cats rather live outside than inside.)

Important Facts about Cat Cafe in Amsterdam

Opening Hours

The Cat Cafe Amsterdam is not opened every day, only 5 days a week, beging Wednesday to Sunday.


Make a reservation before as it is really small and you could be sent away. 

Right Timing

Try not to come during lunch time as the cats will mainly be sleeping and are not very active and playful. If you prefer them sleeping, so you can pet them, then this is the perfect time to go. This is entirely up to you!


So, if you happen to be in Amsterdam soon and like cats as much as I do, then you should stop by the Kattencafe Kopjes and spend some quality time with these animals.

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