6 Reasons Why You Should go on a World Trip Now


How often did you hear or read about people quitting their jobs, selling their stuff and going on a world trip? For me that sounds like a  good plan. That’s why I came up with a few reasons as of why you should go on a world trip at least once in your life, no matter how long or short this trip might be.

Freedom is NOW

I am sure, you have heard the saying that the 30s are the new 20s. Nowadays, everything is shifted to a later point in life, if we compare it to the older generation.

This is due to the fact that some of us may take a gap year, after school or university, in order to travel and collect new experiences. Others may study for at least 3-5 years and might take another year off, before actually deciding to work. That’s why your 20s & 30s are the best time to go on a world trip.


First of all, you are free of obligations. That means: no (high) debts to pay off, no one else to feed except yourself and no one else to convince off or justify your decisions to. Buying a house or car and having children can wait a few more years, since this won’t run away.

You see, now is the right time to go on a world trip. In your 20s/30s you have freedom and unlimited time to just leave for a longer period (not only 2 weeks vacations).

If you are sitting at home thinking that now is not a great time for a world trip, then you will still be sitting there in 10 years time. But then probably with a family, some pets and a house to pay off.

I mean, even with children you could travel but it won’t be as easy and free. Oh well, I guess that’s everyone’s own decision and another chapter.

Money won’t be enough

One reason, I hear a lot, as of why people don’t go on a world trip is money. I totally get that part as traveling unfortunately is not for free but also not as expensive as people often think.

Long-term traveling cannot be compared with 2 weeks vacations, where you spend a lot of money for a nice hotel, flights and tourist activities. With the right attitude, time, compromises and some tricks, you’ll be able to travel in an affordable way. 

However, even if you’d save your money, it won’t ever be enough. I could argue from an economic point of view and inflation rates but will skip that part. Expenditure all depend on personal behavior.

One person might survive a full month with 1000€ while another spends it in less than a week. Those thoughts of running out of money will always be there. However, while you could be saving money forever, it might never be enough since it strongly depends on your lifestyle.

Lots of Chinese money

I often hear people saying that they will save money first, then start a career until they might get their dream job. That’s great, but just think about it: Once you’ve got your dream job, will you really risk to lose it in order to go traveling? The dream job you have worked so hard for? I don’t think so.

If I’d get my dream job, I am sure, I would do anything to keep it and it would be very hard to leave. It is way easier to give up a “normal“ job, that I like enough to keep and pay my monthly bills, than my dream job.

Believe me, you don’t need a lot of money to get started with your world trip. Lots of countries, in terms of food and accommodation, are even cheaper than my home country (Germany). Of course not, if you always choose 5***** hotels.

Furthermore, all those platforms, such as Couchsurfing, Airbnb, Blablacar etc. make traveling very easy, fun and cheap nowadays. We are lucky to be born in this digital world where all those platforms are available for us. So you better make use of them and I promise you, they will make your world trip easier!

New Hobby: Souvenir Shopping

The best about making a world trip is that you will have a new hobby, being souvenir shopping. Of course, you will want to bring something home from each place you have been to. You never know, if you will come back there anytime soon (or ever again).

With souvenirs (they don’t even have to be bought), you can easily keep the great memories from those places. That’s why my home turned into an international museum, starting with Sombreros & Tequila from Mexico, Spanish Jamón, an American Flag, Irish Guinness beer glass, cheese & tulips from The Netherlands, cigars from Cuba and so on.

Mexican costume wearing a poncho and sombrero

Pursuit of Happiness

The feeling of being free, your own boss and doing what you want, will make you the happiest person on earth (YOU think!). But you will quickly find out that you are not alone.

There will be no one telling you what to do, no alarm clock ringing, no appointments for the day. Just yourself, your own decisions and “plans for the day”.  

That one day I felt like walking up that super huge mountain in Mexico (La Bufa), totally unprepared and with no experience.  But it was a great feeling, once I made it to the top, screamed out loud and heard my echo come back to me.

The next day, of course, I had super sore muscles and felt like doing nothing. And so I did. No obligations, no schedules to follow, just me and my decisions. I was the happiest person ever.

La Bufa Guanajuato Sightseeing

Another example is from my stay in Barcelona. Since the airport was very well connected, I flew to different cities every weekend as it was super cheap. I spent one weekend in Paris, Lyon, Valencia, Sevilla, Madrid, San Sebastian and so on, just because I was free and each trip did not cost me more than 40€ both ways.

I met so many great people, tasted great local food, had lovely conversations and met new travel buddies, whose positive energy infected me. I promise you, this feeling of lightness and freedom is what will make you happy during your 20s and 30s.

Once you are happy, you can make others, around you, happy as well, only by being there and with your positive presence.

PS: If you go on a world trip with a close friend or boyfriend, you will be closer than ever. Great memories/experiences create great relationships. In case it turns out the other way, you at least know that it was not meant to be.

No more routine

Everyone is always scared of change. But why? Change can have the best positive effects on yourself, your work, your life.

During a world trip, you can get new inspirations for your next project, a different mindset (think out of the box) and make lifelong friendships.

Many people are scared to be away from family and friends during a world trip. I totally get that. I was homesick sometimes but I knew that they would visit me or that I will see them again soon.

It is only 6 months, 1 year or longer (depends on you) that you won’t see them regularly. This is like 0,0001% of your whole life. What is 1 year compared to 80 (or more) years that you are alive and of which you will probably spend about 60 years with your family and friends?

It seems so little but will give you back so much more than you expect. As mentioned before, you will make lots of new friends during a world trip and create your own little family like that.

I am happy to say that I have a Mexican and American family by now as well as a Spanish one. Hola! Hello!

World trip - Fondo Mexican drinking skills

World Trip: If not NOW, when?

Don’t waste time on making plans. They never work out. Just go with the flow and let it happen. We won’t get younger, we won’t be fitter, we won’t be richer, we won’t have fewer obligations at a later time in life…no more excuses!

Travel now that you still can. In younger years it is easier to quit your job, climb up a mountain and you have lots of free time for long-term travel.

I am not saying that, when you are older, you won’t be able to do so either but it will be more difficult for sure. Either due to obligations, your dream job, paying off debts or even the love of your life? Who knows!

A world trip is all about here and now. Get out of your comfort zone for a little while, open your eyes, enjoy life and come back, if you want. What do you have to lose? Maybe one year of happiness and freedom, if you don’t do it.

So…who is in for a world trip now or already did one?


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