Cuba Souvenirs you should bring home with you


If there is a hobby all travellers certainly have in common, then it is souvenir shopping. In this post, I am going to show you my Cuba souvenirs I brought home from my latest trip.

Cuba Souvenirs to bring home


One of the most popular Cuba souvenirs is cigars. Cuba is internationally known for its export product. There are many brands and places you can buy those.

However, be careful and don’t get tricked. Sometimes prices can be enticing, so don’t go for the cheapest ones that you can find.

La Triada Shop

I bought 3 of them for about 45$ at “La Triada“ Cigar shop, a famous tourist stop at the Havanna Morro (fortress).

At this place, you can also see the largest cigar in the world, which has ever been rolled. With a length of more than 80 meters we can give applause to Castelar Cairo, also known as  “Cueto”. He even works there and you get to meet him personally.

The nicest thing about this place though was, that I could put together my own set of cigars. This way, I chose different brands and types. Of course, I took one Kohiba (most expensive brand) and two others.

Usually, I don’t like tourist places. On the other hand, I was very sure to get good quality cigars there, plus you will be able to meet the famous roller personally.


Another Cuba souvenir must take is their local alcoholic drink, being rum. No matter if you decide to go for the black or white rum, it certainly is a great Cuba souvenir to share over great conversations with friends and family.

I experienced Cuba as a rather expensive island and have to say, if something is cheap there, then it is Havana Club Rum. I paid only 4$ for a 1-litre bottle.


I had my WOW moment when walking around with an open mouth in Havanna, staring at all those colourful paintings. Obviously, I needed one! Or better 2…3…4…? Well, I ended up with 5. I bought small ones though in order to fit them in my suitcase.

IMPORTANT: If you are going to buy professional paintings, then you need authorization documents in order to import them to your country. I decided to go for small ones, of which I believe, that those are not originally painted but rather a print. Either way, they look very beautiful and I did not need documentations in order to import them.

Other Cuba Souvenirs

Since I was in a shopping mood, I treated myself to a few other Cuba souvenirs such as a license plate, coffee, magnets, a shot glass, a sticker for my suitcase and other paintings which weren’t done on canvas but on the skin of a sheep (this time it was really painted).

Have you ever been there? If yes, what did you bring home?

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