Day trip to Gibraltar – How to spend 24 hours in Gibraltar 


Last summer, my friends and I spent one week in the south of Spain. From there, we did a day trip to Gibraltar. Let me tell you how to make the most out of 24 hours in Gibraltar and some random fun facts about this city.


Fun Facts about Gibraltar

Here a few fun facts of Gibraltar, we discovered during our visit, that you probably didn’t know:

  1. Gibraltar is an overseas territory and actually belongs to the UK and not Spain. It is a small British city in the very south of Spain. Super random right?
  2. You can see all the way over to Africa from the Europa point.
  3. Gibraltar’s airport has an unusual location and airplanes are landing on the main street, which needs to be closed each time an airplane arrives.
  4. You pay very low taxes on alcohol and cigarettes.
  5. You have to pay in Gibraltar pounds (GIP).

How to spend 24 hours in Gibraltar 

Europa Point 

Our very first stop during our 24 hours in Gibraltar took us to the Europa Point, which is the southernmost point of Gibraltar. You can get there by taking the bus route 2. From the Europa Point, you can see North Africa (Morocco), if it is clear and not a too foggy day.  

Other than that, you will find a big cricket field, a lighthouse, a canon, a mosque, an underground water reservoir and church at the Europa Point. Super random things thrown together in one place, don’t you think? 

Rock of Gibraltar

The next stop during our 24 hours in Gibraltar was The Rock of Gibraltar, which seems to be the main tourist attraction. It is a huge stone/rock in the city that is home to hundreds of wild monkeys. They are kind of aggressive, so be aware and don’t go too close, or they will bite you, and/or throw things at you. 

In order to get to the Rock of Gibraltar, you have 3 options:

  1. Go by foot.
  2. Take a cable car.
  3. Take a taxi.

We went on foot because the day we arrived it was super windy and the cable car was closed. Taking a taxi is super expensive, about 25 GIP per person – so that wasn’t an option neither. 

You can get tickets for the funicular either online in advance or at your arrival on a little kiosk. 


St. Michael’s Cave

Finally, we also visited the St. Michael’s Cave during our 24 hours in Gibraltar. This is the most famous cave located on the upper Rock of Gibraltar (there are about 300 caves there). You will have to pay an entrance fee, depending on if you only want to see the cave or other sights as well. Regular events, such as concerts, operas, and orchestras take place inside the cave, which is lit up with different colors to create a cozy atmosphere. 

The cave can be a bit cold, which is a nice change considering the outside temperature. Be careful not to slip inside since the floor is very wet. 


Market place 

Since traveling makes you hungry, a very popular and convenient spot to eat in Gibraltar is the market place. From there you can also catch the bus route 2 to Europa Point after you have a full tummy. 

The market place is full of stands, who sell food but also a variety of restaurants, in which you can either dine inside or outside. When it comes to food you will have a great mix of British food like fish and chips, but also tapas that are more common for Spain. 

I hope you enjoyed our day trip to Gibraltar. Should you have more tips on what to do for 24 hours in Gibraltar, feel free to share.

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