3 reasons why I love low budget airlines while others hate them


There are conflicting opinions about low-budget airlines in Europe. Apparently, they have their employees on temporary agency contracts, charge them for food/drinks on board, and only pay for the “flying time“ (not including time spent cleaning the aircraft before and after).

Besides all those negative facts though, I would also like to stress out positive changes that low-budget airlines, like Ryanair, have brought to us and why I love them while others hate them.

Travel no longer is considered a luxury

Low-budget companies, like Ryanair, have made travel much more affordable and accessible to the middle and lower class. Travel no longer is considered a luxury, only rich people could afford.


Get more independent and organised

Nowadays, we are all way too spoiled and become dumber, if we always let others do everything for us.

Since low-budget airlines, like Ryanair, seem to make their money from paid services rather than flights only, they will charge you almost anything, such as checking in yourself, extra luggage or food/drinks on board.

Since people tend to like discounted products and don’t want to end up paying more than with a regular airlines, they rather do the above mentioned tasks themselves.

Low-budget airlines, like Ryanair, taught us to be more independent and organised by “forcing“ us to handle certain tasks ourselves, such as checking in everything ourselves, print our tickets beforehand and organise food/drinks before boarding.

Travel with less than you need

Since additional checked in luggage is charged with an extra fee, you might consider only travelling with hand luggage (free of charge) instead. Especially, when you only go for a long weekend trip.

Low-budged airlines, like Ryanair, teach you how to travel with less than you actually need and make you more aware of how and what to pack.


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