The 6 most famous spots to visit in Saõ Paulo

Beca do Batman in Pinheiros

When visiting Brazil, you most likely will fly into Saõ Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. If you fly into Rio de Janeiro, don’t miss out on those 7 sights. If you fly into Saõ Paulo, check out these 6 famous spots below.

Most famous spots in Saõ Paulo

25 de Março

One very famous spot in Saõ Paulo for cheap shopping is 25 de Março. It’s like a big market spread out over various streets with little stalls, but also shops. You can basically find everything there, starting with clothes, footwear, decoration, toys, beauty products, electronics, accessories and much more.

There will be a lot of noise from every corner you go as people scream out promotions and products they are selling. It’s simply overwhelming and you don’t know where to look at first.

HOW TO GET THERE: Metro (blue line) to Sao Bento


Mercado Municipal 

If you want to try super delicious fruits for free, the municipal market is the place to go. Not only do they have the biggest and sweetest fruits I ever tasted, but they also let you taste all of them in very big portions. 

When I went there I left super full 15 minutes later as they wouldn’t stop giving me fruits to try, even though I declined. However, fruits there can be very expensive, especially if you buy at the beginning of the market. For example, one Khaki cost 8€. Super crazy! You are better off buying more inside the market and not at the entrance. 

Besides fruits, they also sell normal food and have places to sit down to enjoy your meal. A very famous dish is a huge Mortadella sandwich, which I dare you to eat. It actually has more Mortadella than bread.

The cool thing is that the municipal market is located right next to the 25 de Março, so you can combine the visit.

HOW TO GET THERE: Metro (blue line) to Sao Bento


Just like every big city, Saõ Paulo also has Chinatown. It is the perfect place when you want to have a cheap and delicious lunch or if you simply want to stroll around the streets.

HOW TO GET THERE: Metro (blue line) until Liberdade 

Beca do Batman

One famous spot to visit in Saõ Paulo is the beautiful neighborhood in Pinheiros. There you will find Beca do Batman, tiny streets full of Graffiti walls. The funny thing is that those Graffities are always changing, so you might not find the same ones there the next time you visit.

The whole neighborhood there is very artistic and colorful with many cute places to take a break and enjoy some drinks or food.

HOW TO GET THERE: Metro (green line) until Sumaré or (yellow line) until Fradique Coutinho

Ibirapuera Park

In case you want to escape the busy city life a bit, visit Ibirapuera. It is a huge park, actually the most visited one in South America, where you can walk for hours.

You will find people going for a run there, leisure activities, but also museums and music halls where events take place on a regular basis.

HOW TO GET THERE: Metro (green line) to Sumare 


Saõ Paulo Cathedral & Marco Zero

Another famous spot to visit is the Saõ Paulo Cathedral. Located in the city center, you’ll be presented with a beautiful Neo-Gothic style cathedral.

Just in front of the cathedral, you will also find the monument Marco Zero, which marks the middle of Saõ Paulo city and is a famous spot.

SAFETY: In this area, you will find lots of people asking for money, so I recommend not to take out your phone for too long or hold it very tight in your hand if you want to take a photo.

HOW TO GET THERE: Metro (blue or red line) to Sè 

I hope you will visit these 6 famous spots of Saõ  Paulo when you are in Brazil and that this post helps you to get there easily.

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