5 Tips on How to Travel on a Low Budget

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I have the feeling that people use “money” as an excuse to not travel. But traveling does not always have to be expensive! I’ll give you 5 tips on how to travel on a low budget.

Use Personal Connections

When travelling, you should make use of your personal network. Why not visit friends you didn’t see in a while. Most likely you know people who live in different places, even if it is in your home country.

A weekend getaway to a new city also counts as travelling, it does not always have to be far away.

Visiting friends will give you the advantage to have a local showing you around, catching up on each others life and most likely free accommodation.


Travel Locally

Travelling does not necessarily mean to always go to far away places. It can also be as far as in your own home country. Not only will it help you to travel on a low budget, but also to explore your own home country more.


Volunteer Work

Another way to travel on a low budget is to do volunteering. Usually, you get free accommodation and food in return for your help. That means the biggest costs are already covered, and you can spend your money on the things you really want to do.

A great website to find volunteer work is Worldpackers. They have the biggest variety of volunteer work all around the world. This can be things like teaching English, Working on a farm, helping out in a hostel, taking care of children, or unique things like learning how to make Japanese candy.

You can sign up for a year and have to pay a fee in order to apply through the website. I think the price is very fair and small for the value you get in return. With my code “sixmilesaway” you can save 40% on the yearly membership.

Accommodation Alternatives

Accommodation usually is the biggest expense while travelling. So you might need to consider alternative accommodation options if you travel on a low budget.

5 Star Hotels will definitely not be on your list, but more basic accommodation without this much service. My three favourite websites are the following:


When choosing Airbnb you basically sleep in the apartment of a local. You can choose between booking an entire home or private room. Sometimes hosts offer some basic food, drinks and cosmetic articles, but this is optional. Make sure to read the descriptions carefully.


When travelling Asia you can find some very low budget deals on Agoda including hostels, hotels and homes of people (Agoda Homes). Much better prices compared to websites like Booking or hostelworld.


Another platform that can be taken into consideration when you travel on a low budget is Couchsurfing. In this case you sleep at people’s houses for free and get the advantage of living with a local. The concept is to exchange hospitality and culture, not money. However, this option is not be abused for free accommodation.


Slow Travels

When you travel on a low budget, travelling slowly certainly helps. This means, choosing bus/train/car over airplane, even though it takes longer, can safe you an enormous amount of money.

This does not apply to all cases as it depends on the country. Taking inland flights in Asia is actually not too expensive, but in South America or Africa it is. You might be better off with renting a car or taking a bus in this case. Make sure to do your research upfront if you travel on a low budget.

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Do you have any more tips on how to travel on a low budget?

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