Valentines Day Love Letter for travelling


Today is Valentines Day and as everyone is busy preparing small treats for the better half. I, however, would like to use this time to dedicate a love letter to my other love in life – Travel.


I love you “Travel“ because you give me the opportunity to be part of the infinite learning curve. 

I love you “Travel“ because you make me enjoy life to the fullest.

I love you “Travel“ because you give me friends from all over the world.

I love you “Travel“ because you make me feel alive and free.

I love you “Travel“ because you give a rollercoaster of feelings during my trips.

I love you “Travel“ because you confront me with my fears and make me overcome them.

I love you “Travel“ because you give me a „I can do anything“ attitude.

I love you “Travel“ because you give a second, third….family.

I love you “Travel“ because you make me more and more curious about everything.

I love you “Travel“ because you teach me how to become an easy going, tolerant and respectful person.

I love you “Travel“ because you bring joy into my life.

I love you “Travel“ because you let me grow beyond my imaginations and expectations.

I love you “Travel“ because you make me fall in love with the world.

Thanks to you I am in love with more than one country and am able to call multiple places home. Thanks to you my home country is not enough for me anymore.

“Travel“, you are the greatest gift of all. Thanks for being in my life.

“Travel“ I love you. 

PS: Valentines Day is also about finding love for the moment. If not in a person you can find it in moments, friendships or „things“. Don’t focus on only one type of love.

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