What to Do in Amsterdam on a Rainy Day


The Netherlands is a pretty rainy country, as some of you might know. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a lot of fun things to do.

I will tell you about my 11 favourite activities, you can do in Amsterdam on a rainy day.

Glow in the Dark Mini Golf

I am sure, everyone knows mini golf. But who of you have played glow in the dark mini golf before? Certainly not me.

This indoor mini-golf court is located in Prins Hendrikkade but you will have to enter via Noah’s Arq bar. It costs between 8,50€ and 10€ per person, depending on if you take the 3D glasses or not. We took them but I have to say, they were not really necessary and you can save that money.

It is a lot of fun and definitely worth a visit. You can either book your mini-golf in the dark game online, via phone or just drop by. 


Escape Room

Another fun activity to do in Amsterdam on a rainy day is the Escape room experience, where you basically get “locked“ into a room with hidden clues and have to find a way out.

You have around one hour, depending on how much you book, to solve the riddle and make sense of all those clues.

Don’t worry if you have claustrophobia, it is not small at all but rather like a living room. There are several places to go to. Have a look at the list and decide on your favourite. Good luck escaping!

Escape Hunt Experience


Escape World

House of Bols

If you like museums, which are more interactive and involve a drink or two at the end, then House of Bols will be the perfect place for you on a rainy day in Amsterdam.

The tour is rather short. It only took us about one hour to reach the bar. On our way through the house, we made use of all our five senses:

  • Smelled and guessed the flavour of the drink.
  • Touched the ingredients of which the drink is made of.
  • Threw bottles in the air trying to catch them while pretending to be a professional barkeeper.
  • Tasted our own chosen cocktail at the end of the tour at the bar.

For only 14,50€ you have an educational and tasty experience. If you book online you even get a 10% discount.

They also offer cocktail workshops, tastings and parties. Having said that, it is even possible to celebrate your birthday there!


Heineken Experience

Heineken Experience is a great interactive museum, where you will spend 2h minimum. I went several times with my friends, who have visited me, but I have to say, it never got boring.

Taking funny pictures, making your own personalized Heineken bottle, playing table football, singing karaoke or having a few beers in between are just a few reasons why Heineken Experience has been one of my favourite museums.

It is so interactive throughout the whole tour and reveals a lot of fun facts, such as why beer tastes more bitter to women. Are you curious already?

There are multiple options to buy your Heineken Experience ticket. If you buy it online, you have a 2€ discount and can skip the queue, otherwise, it costs around 18€ per person.

You can combine a canal cruise along with your ticket, this way you will arrive at the Heineken Experience by boat and can skip the queue as well. I recommend you one of those two options, as you will regret not having done this before. Queues are always very long there and no fun at all.

Skylounge Hilton

Skylounge Hilton is a great place to escape the rain and have a bite or drink. With fancy, comfortable chairs and a nice view, while it is raining outside, you are dry and safe inside.

It is located only a few hundred meters to your left when you exit from the train station. Simply enter the Hilton Hotel, go up to the 13th floor, choose your window seat and just wait until the rain stops.


Cat Cafe Amsterdam

If you are a cat lover then here comes the best thing to do in Amsterdam on a rainy day. Kattencafe Kopjes, Amsterdam’s cat cafe, just opened a few years ago and follows the concept of Asian cat cafes.

For a small entrance fee, you get to hang out with cats for 2 hours, play with them, feed them and get to know their background story. Here you can find more information about Amsterdam’s cat cafe in regards to reservations, opening hours and entrance fees.


Arcade Hotel

If you are a video game lover, then you will love the Arcade Hotel in Amsterdam. It is located in the neighbourhood de Pijp and inside you will find loads of retro and modern consoles. Remember Donkey Kong, Mario or Ninjas? Then get yourself over there, enjoy a drink and meet new people.

Wynand Fockin

Wynand Fockin is one of the coolest and most authentic places in Amsterdam that kept its style fro the 17th century. It is a small, cozy bar where you can taste different liquors and genevers. My favourite one is Hansje in de Kelder – a rather sweet liquor.

The funny part though is that you are not allowed to just grab your drink and walk away. By tradition, you have to bow down and take the first sip from the glass without using your hands.


Ton Ton Club

Another fun thing to do in Amsterdam on a rainy day is to visit Ton Ton Club – the games paradise for adults. The concept is super simple. You buy coins at the bar and then can enjoy games like air hockey, pack men, sonic, let’s dance and many more random games.

There are actually two Ton Ton Clubs, one in Westerpark and the other one near the Jan van Galenstraat metro station.

Brouwerij‘t IJ

Brouwerij’t IJ is another cool spot tp enjoy your time during a rainy day in Amsterdam. It is one of the coolest brewery. Why? Because it is inside of a windmill. Say what?

There. you can enjoy different types of beers, ranging from a soft white beer to a heavier dark beer, or do a tasting of all of them. Snacks like cheese, meat or nuts are also available.



Foodhallen, just like the name says, is a hall with different food stalls to indulge in. It was founded in 2014 and offers a wide variety of high quality and diverse food.

No matter if you are just looking for a small to-go snack, or a more fancy dish, Foodhallen has it all. Asian, Latin, European food…you name it.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and got some ideas on what to do in Amsterdam on a rainy day to make your stay great, no matter what. Which place will you visit first?

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