What to do in Cork on a Rainy Day


Rumours have it that Ireland is a rainy country. Even though that might be true, it is not as bad as some people say. In any case, you won’t die of boredom on rainy days as there are lots of indoor things to do in Cork.

Feel free to also check out my YouTube video on how to spend a day in Cork for more action.

What to do in Cork on a Rainy Day

Escape Room

Locked up in a room, you will have to find clues and put puzzle pieces together in order to get out and unlock the room. You will have 60 minutes for this task in total.

There are different rooms with different themes, which change frequently, so you can go back anytime to escape from another room if you enjoyed it in the first place. It is perfect to go as a group of 2-6 people.


Bubbleball Soccer

Bubbleball soccer is a fun activity where you will bump, bounce, roll and especially laugh a lot. One session lasts one hour usually, which is more than enough. Believe me, you will be super exhausted afterwards! In the beginning, rules will be explained and the personal will show you how to fall and roll safely. This is a perfect activity for 10 people or more.



Kartmania is another great activity that you can do in Cork on a rainy day. There are different race formats available as well as a 250m long race track on which you can get your cart up to a speed of 40mph.


Comedy Club

What better way is there to cheer up your grey mood, on a rainy day in Cork, than by visiting one of the comedy clubs. Two popular comedy clubs in Cork are: 

  1. The Coco Comedy Club – happens on Wednesdays and Thursdays in Roundy. An alternative comedy club that covers different comedy styles to make sure everyone gets a good laugh. The entrance is free.
  2. City Limits Comedy Club – most popular comedy club in Cork in a big venue near Mc Curtain Street, which can hold 200 people. Popular comedians started their career there. You will have to purchase a ticket depending on the act.

Watch a Hurling or Rugby Game in the Arena

One popular Irish sport is Hurling, which is said to be the fastest field sport in the world. Players have wooden sticks in their hands and the goal is to get the ball into the opponent’s goalposts.


English Market

Why not combine all above-mentioned activities with a short visit to the English Market. After all, you will probably hungry. In the English Market in Cork, you will find a wide selection of fresh food such as meat, vegetable, fruits, cakes and home-made dishes.


Zero Gravity Float

Ever heard of Zero Gravity Float? It is the perfect thing to do in Cork for a rainy day and if you have been stressed lately. Simply float for 1 hour in a tank of water and forget everything around you. It is a form of relaxation and meditation and a great way to deal with stress, anxiety, pain relief and much more. 


Games Night in Irish Pubs

Get to know new people or just take your friends to a pub and join a games night. Just to give a few ideas, there are weekly games nights at the following pubs:

While playing you can also enjoy a pint of beer (Beamish or Murphy = local beer) along with fish and chips, or even listen to live music (depends on pub). Check out the best Irish pubs in Cork


Learn Irish Dancing or an Instrument

Irish people are not only known for sports like hurling and rugby, but also for their dancing and singing skills. Why not sign up for Irish dancing lessons or learn an instrument?


Bounce Zone

Bounce Zone is an indoor trampoline arena for all ages, where you will find different kinds of zones, such as trampoline zones, dodgeball zones, basketball zones and foam pits. 


Awesome Walls

Awesome Walls is an indoor climbing centre where you can find walls to climb (800m2 surface) and boulder as well as enjoy other play zones. You can be sure that all age groups will find something to do there. 


Jameson Whiskey Distillery

James Whiskey Distillery in Middleton (Cork) has first been opened 200 years ago in 1780. You can choose between different tours. One is a tour through the distillery where you will find out what is so special about the Irish whiskey compared to Scottish or American one, including a drink in the end. Another option would be to have only a whiskey tasting without visiting the distillery. 


Triskel Christchurch Cinema

Triskel Christchurch cinema is, just like the name says, a church that has been restored and now serves as a concert hall. Lots of events, such as concerts, educational events, movies, literature events etc. take place there.  


Cork City Gaol

The Cork City Gaol is a former prison which has been turned into a museum. It is a very famous Cork tourist attraction where people are fascinated by the inside of prison back in the days when escaping was meant to be impossible. 


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