15 Useful Apps when Moving to The Netherlands


Moving to a new country can sometimes be overwhelming, especially in the beginning when you don’t know yet how things work. Thanks to apps these days, our life became much easier. Check out these 15 useful apps when moving to The Netherlands.


One super useful app when moving to The Netherlands is Marktplaats, especially when your new apartment is unfurnished, and you are in need for some second hand stuff. 

This app reminds a bit of Ebay. There are loads of categories to search for what you need. Don’t be surprised what you might find there. I would say, there is nothing you cannot find. You can sometimes bid on items and always negotiate the price of the item that is being advertised. 


Ordering food home these days is super common. Thuisbezorgd is a food delivery app, just like UberEats or Deliveroo. It is worth comparing offers on all apps because sometimes you have cheaper delivery costs in one app or the other. 


If you just moved to The Netherlands, and don’t know yet what Tikkie is, you will find out the latest when going out with locals.

Tikkie is another super useful app when moving to The Netherlands. It is a payment app and reminds a bit of PayPal, just that you don’t need an email or something like that.

You can put in the amount the person owes you, and then send the link via Whatsapp, or let them scan the QR code with their banking app. It literally takes below 1 minute to make this transaction happen and is a must have app.


DigiD stands for Digital Identity. With your DigiD you show who you are if you want to arrange something via the internet with a government organization. Whether that is at the tax authorities, education, healthcare or your pension fund.

You can use the app once you have your BSN number, which you should get as soon as you move.

ShareNow & SixtShare & Felyx & Check

All those 4 apps are super useful when you don’t have a car, or if it is raining but you want to visit your friend on the other side of the city. ShareNow and Sixt Share offer electric cars and charge you a few cents per minute. Felyx and Check do the same, but with mopeds instead of cars. 

Those are super handy and useful apps when moving to The Netherlands. It is super easy to set up and get started. All you need is to upload your valid driver license. 

Just make sure to pay attention to the zones as you cannot park it too far outside the city centre. The app will show you though.


Staying with transportation apps, you should also download ns.nl if you plan on travelling via train around The Netherlands. This app will always keep you up to date about train delays, changed platforms, or alternative connections should you miss one. 


9292 is another useful app when moving to The Netherlands. This app provides you with daily travel information for public transport, and literally tells you step by step how to get from a specifics address A to B.

9292 basically combines all information from all transport companies in one (train, tram, metro, bus, night connections etc.). You can also select your preferences, e.g. if you want to go by bike, walk or go by scooter.

The Fork

All foodies pay attention now, this useful app is for you! The Fork app makes it super easy to find restaurants by category (Italian, Thai, Lebanese, Mexican etc.), check their real-time availability, and book a table within seconds. The best thing is, you will usually find amazing deals, such as 20-50% discount.

Crisp & Flink & Picnic & Gorillas

Nowadays, people’s life gets busier and busier. Even going to the supermarket feels like a waste time to some. Thanks to online supermarkets, like Crisp, Flink and Picnic, that deliver to your home, there is no need to worry.

You will notice that some are more expensive than others. Some offer more biological food, and others deliver with less plastic. Just choose your favourite one.

Gorillas for example is a bit more expensive, and offers less products than the others. It is often used for spontaneous orders, or “emergencies” when the supermarket is closed already, you ran out of alcohol at a party, or something like that.

I hope you found this post useful, and are busy downloading now. Let me know which other apps you find useful living in The Netherlands? 

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