How to spend 48 Hours in Edinburgh

48 hours in Edinburgh Calton hill

I spontaneously decided to visit my friend for 48 hours in Edinburgh as she was currently studying there. Of course, I had to take this opportunity to see a city I have never visited before.

48 hours in Edinburgh

I am not a big fan of European city trips anymore as, for me, at some point, it all repeats and is the same. However, Edinburgh surprised me and has been different because of its old style.

In the beginning, the city seemed a bit depressing since buildings and streets were built in a medieval style and everything else was kept in greyish colors.

After one day I kind of got used to it though and was ready to enjoy my 48 hours in Edinburgh. I felt like being a few centuries back in time. The castle, old buildings, clothes styles, and grey weather, all contributed to that feeling.

48 hours in Edinburgh-whiskey-distillery

Day 1: 48 Hours in Edinburgh

Calton Hill

The first day, we went up to Calton Hill. Like the name already indicates, it is a small hill where you have a great view of the city. It is the best spot for creative people to take great photos or draw paintings.

48 hours in Edinburgh Calton hill

Arthur’s Seat

On the same day, we also walked up to Arthur’s Seat. I was, of course, super unprepared as always, not knowing what to expect. I did not research anything beforehand but trusted my friend as a local tour guide

In order to get to Arthur’s seat, you have to walk up a hill for about 1h. I have to say that I am very slow as I am not a very sportive person, plus I had to take photos in between of course.

Once we arrived at the top we had a great view over Edinburgh, no rain and sore muscles afterward.

Tips for visiting Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh

Here is my advice for you, if you plan on climbing up Arthur’s Seat:

  1. Appropriate shoes. Don’t climb up there with boots that have no profile like mine. It is super slippery and you might fall down a few times like me, resulting in bruises. 
  2. Tissue. Since your nose will be running every few minutes, this is essential. It is such a basic thing, I usually always carry with me except that time.
  3. Hat. Take something to cover your ears as the wind blows extremely strong up there and you don’t want to end up with ear pain like me.
  4. Water bottle. Especially if you are as unathletic as me, you will want this water bottle for breaks in between.

Day 2: 48 hours in Edinburgh

The Castle

Next on our 48 hours in Edinburgh to-do list was the number 1 attraction in Edinburgh – The Castle – situated right in the city center.

We did not go inside as we thought it wouldn’t be worth paying 17£. However, if you want to visit Edinburgh Castle, you can buy your ticket online. If you are a fan of old buildings and medieval style, I think it will be a great experience.

Alternatively, next to the castle, there is a kind of whiskey museum where you can take a tour and try whiskey as well.


Christmas Market in Edinburgh

Finally, in the evening, we went to the Christmas Market as I happened to be there in winter. I have to say, the market itself was really nice. Lots of lights, an ice-skating area, carousels and lots of high-quality food and drinks.

The only downside was the prices compared to what you’re getting. I paid 5£ (approx. 7€) for a really tiny cup of “Glühwein”, traditional warm wine, and 4£ (approx. 5-6€) for a sausage. What a remarkable price!

However, I also discovered something new, I have never tried before and thought it was a great idea: hot chocolate with marshmallows and a shot of Baileys *yummy*. Ever since I copy and pasted this idea and made it myself at home.

Those were my 48 hours in Edinburgh. I hope you get a chance to visit this city one day. Feel free to share more things to do in Edinburgh.

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