Fun Facts about Barcelona – Did you know that?


Time for some fun facts about Barcelona! Having lived there for 6 months, I did not only learn how to love this city but also some random facts I would like to share with you now.

Fun Facts about Barcelona

Barcelona Beaches

Did you know that Barcelona did not have beaches until 1992 and that its beaches are artificial? Barcelona was very industrial before.



Here comes another fun fact about Barcelona. Gaudí was not the master architect of Sagrada Familia. It was Francisco de Paula del Villar who initially came up with the design of the church.

Las Ramblas

Did you know, that the most famous avenue, called “Las Ramblas“, is not only one but 5 streets in total?

Valentines Day

There are two kinds of Valentine Days celebrated in Barcelona (Catalunya). The first one is the one in February, which most of us know. But there is another one on the 23rd of April, which is called “Sant Jordi“.

It is based on a legend where St. Jordi killed a dragon to save the princess. The blood of the dragon then converted into a rose.

That’s why on that day, the men give roses to the women and women a book in return, in order not to forget about the legend. Isn’t that a lovely Valentine’s Day in a different style?

La Sagrada Familia

Another fun fact about Barcelona is in regards to the famous church La Sagrada Familia. Building and finishing up this church took longer than the pyramids in Egypt.


Camp Nou

Camp Nou stadium is the 3rd largest in the world with placing almost 100,000 people inside.

If you want to visit Camp Nou stadium, you can buy a ticket online.

Barcelona Drivers

The worst drivers in the world are said to be from Barcelona. Apparently accidents happen every 19 seconds there. Not sure if this is really true. I was always very safe.

FC Barcelona

Here comes another fun fact about Barcelona. Football fans of FC Barcelona are also referred to as “culés”, the Catalan word for ‘asses’.

This is due to the fact that in the older/smaller stadium the fans had to sit on the edges so that people passing by only saw their butts.


Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower was first intended for Barcelona, but the project was rejected.

Architecture and Houses 

Did you ever wonder why the corners of many buildings in the city center are cut off? I never did until I found out that it was on purpose.

The reason for this is the following: there should have been trams driving through the streets which needed space in order to cope with their turning radius. However, those trams never came to use. Oh well, at least it still looks cool though.

Metro Stations

There are 12 metro stations in Barcelona which are not in use anymore but used for scary nights instead. It is even said that they are haunted by ghosts.

Did you enjoy reading those fun facts about Barcelona? Maybe you will enjoy reading about fun facts of Amsterdam or fun facts about Lisbon as well.

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