Unique Dining Experiences – Best Restaurants in London

best restaurants in London Rainforest_Cafe_London

One of my favorite hobbies is eating. I guess I have this in common with a lot of other people on this planet. During my last trip, I discovered some really unique London restaurants that I would like to share with you.

All I am going to say for now is: futuristic, adventurous, Italian and old school. Here we go!

Best Restaurants in London

Futuristic Dining Experience

Inamo is one of the best restaurants in London. It is a fusion restaurant, meaning they mix different kinds of food from different parts of the world. For example soup, sushi, vegetarian and meat dishes.

Located in 3 different parts of London, I am sure you will easily make it to one of them. The unique dining experience with Inamo is that your food is being projected on your plate, so you can imagine how it will look like.

Once you decided, you go ahead and order your food via a touchscreen on your table. Inamo is definitely a unique restaurant you’ll need to stop by if you are a fan of Asian food and in London.

best restaurants in London Inamo_Restaurant

Adventurous Dining Experience

Welcome to the jungle and Rainforest Cafe. Eat-in between elephants, monkeys and huge butterflies, while it thunderstorms and rains.

This place has really unique decoration, in line with the jungle theme. Even the bar chairs and menu have been set up accordingly. That’s why it is amongst the best restaurants in London.

In the Rainforest Cafe, you will find burgers, rips and Mexican dishes. Even though I doubt, you will find this kind of food in the jungle, it was very tasty and the portions are big too.

Italian Dining Experience

Who loves Jamie Oliver‘s cooking show as much as I do? Then you should not miss out on one of his many London restaurants.

Enjoy really fresh, homemade and unique flavored food. The waiters are super friendly and fun, the food is super delicious and the location is easy to reach.

best restaurants in London Jaimie_Oliver_restaurant_London

Old School Dining Experience

It has become one of my traditions to eat at Hard Rock Cafe, whenever there is one in town, be it in Palma de Mallorca, Amsterdam or London.

The unique fact about London’s Hard Rock Cafe is that it was the first one and therefore is the oldest in the world. The menu shows a variety of dishes including burgers, fajitas, ribs, fresh salads, and fish.

I hope you enjoyed the short list of the best restaurants in London and will be able to visit one or the other soon.

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