7 Habits I picked up after living in Ireland


You might know it. The longer you live in a place, which does not even have to be abroad, the more you start picking up habits that are common for this region. These can be certain behaviors or even dialects. Here are a few Irish habits that I picked up over the years.

Order Pints

In Irish pubs you usually order a pint (almost half a litre) or half pint of beer/cider. You would never ask for a small or large beer. “Pint” is the professional term you need to use. No matter I go now, I always ask for a pint and some people look at me very confused.

Pints of Guinness

Dodge a Person

As left-hand traffic prevails in Ireland, pedestrians logically move to the left, not to right, as I was used to. It took a while before I understood that. But now, whenever I’m visiting Germany, I automatically go left. Very funny sometimes!

Wear Summer Clothes in Winter

If you visit Ireland, you should not be surprised when you see people walking around in shorts, shirts or flip flops when it is around 5-10 degrees. When other people start freezing, the Irish just start feeling good.

This Irish habit is one I seemed to have taken over. Somehow my body has a different relationship to colder temperatures now. Whenever I do it in Germany, I get a lesson from my mother, or people think I am strange.

At the beach in Ireland

Put Milk in my Tea

I remember when I worked with British people in The Netherlands and they put milk and sugar in their black tea. Damn, was this weird for me.

Little did I know that I take over this Irish habit just a few years later. I absolutely love black tea with milk and sugar now. Not every day. but for waking up it is excellent.

Black Tea with Sugar and Milk

Shopping on Sundays

After living 4 years in Cork, I totally got used to shopping on Sundays. While in Germany you will hardly find any open shops (unless maybe bigger cities), most shops in Ireland are open on Sundays as well. Good for the people who want to go shopping, bad for the ones who have to work, as in Germany it is a resting day for everyone.

Rain is no Excuse

One thing I learned in Ireland is that rain is no excuse to not go out, but the right clothes are the key. Put on some Wellies, a rain coat, and you are good to go.

Regen in Irland

Say Thank You to the Bus Driver

One really great Irish habit I developed over the years is saying thank you to bus drivers. It is such a small and easy gesture, but really has a positive impact. We should all appreciate the work of each other more.

Alright, that are all the Irish habits I picked up after living in Cork for 4 years. Are there any habits you developed in the place where you live?

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