Cervantino Festival in Guanajuato – 3 weeks full of culture and fun

Cervantino festival in Guanajuato
Cervantino festival in Guanajuato

I would like to shortly introduce you to the Cervantino Festival in Guanajuato. It takes place every year in October. So, if you happen to be in Guanajuato in fall, don’t miss out!

What is the Cervantino Festival?

Cervantino is an international festival held in Guanajuato over a period of 3 weeks in October.

It is a cultural event, where you can attend events in the theater, on the streets, in museums, etc. Some events are free and others cost entrance.

Events at the Cervantino Festival

I went to multiple events myself. First of all, I got to see Mariachis playing (traditional Mexican music band), which was the open-air event and took place next to the Alhondiga de Granaditas.

After this, I stayed for the show of Shantel, a German singer, and DJ. You might know his song “Disko Partizani”. Finally, I also went to some street and one theater show.

German singer and DJ Shantel

People who are not a fan of cultural events don’t have to worry since there are also lots of parties. Who is known better for fiestas than Mexicans? 

The party I’ve been to was really unique for me – a tunnel party. They basically closed both ends of the tunnel and set up a DJ area, disco lights and bar stands. The whole tunnel served as a dance floor and your challenge was to not lose your friends in the crowd.

We had an inflatable microphone with us, which we always held up in the air. In case we couldn’t find each other anymore, all we had to do was to look for this microphone.

Drinkin with friends at Cervantino

Drinks were as cheap as 1€ for 1l of beer. I have to say it worked out quite well and we danced for the next few hours. The music was a mix of house and commercial music.

You can have a look at their Youtube channel in order to get an idea about the Cervantino festival and its events. 

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