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Not everyone can afford to travel full time. But that does not mean that it is not possible at all. There is always a solution.

In this blog post I would like to introduce you to a great summer job in Malta, where I combined work and holidays in one. It’s a great job for everyone who doesn’t know what to do during their 2-3 months semester break.

Summer Job in Malta

Each summer I worked in Malta as a “Teamer“, which you can describe as a mix of Entertainer and Supervisor.

The company who hired me is called Sprachcaffe Language Plus. There are also other international language schools present on Malta such as EF or IELS, which have similar positions.

Whenever I chose this summer job in Malta, I had a very international team consisting out of Germans, Spanish, French, Czechs, Polish, Serbians etc. The only requirement is to speak English fluently.

The reason for that, of course, is that the kids are in Malta to actually learn English. Therefore, they should be given any chance to apply it frequently, even after their daily language lessons are over.


I am so in love with this summer job in Malta as I am in a warm country, enjoy daily activities with the kids and make great international friendships.

It is not an exhausting job but it could be that every now and then you might face a more rebellious teenager, which may need more attention. I am sure you will be able to manage. If not, there is still your Coordinator, you can reach out for help.

For people who don’t want a summer job in Malta or don’t like warm countries, this company also offers the same job in Brighton (England), Barcelona (Spain), Frankfurt (Germany), Nice (France) and many more places. As you probably figured out, you will need to be fluent in the mother language of the country you are applying for.

For me this summer job in Malta always felt like paid holidays. I really enjoyed the offered activities, relaxed working atmosphere and working with kids.

Daily Activities as a Teamer

The daily activities were really different as it depends on what you are in charge of. It included things like boat tours and canoe tours, bus trip around the island, diving, paintball, shopping, painting, water games and so on.

Getting Paid

Regarding the financial situation, I can say that you won’t become a millionaire. However, the company will pay for flights, accommodation and food plus a weekly salary. Therefore you don’t really have expenses, unless you go shopping.

teamer in Malta with Sprachcaffe

I hope I made you curios and could give you some inside information for a great summer job opportunity. If you are interested, you can apply as a Teamer with Sprachcaffee Language Plus here!

If you are not from Europe or don’t like the destinations, just take a look through the Internet and check out language schools that might be of your interest.

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