Cheap Kimono Rental in Kyoto – a really authentic experience


When visiting Kyoto, you will see loads of people walking around in a Kimono, be it tourists or locals. In case you also want to do it, I will share with you how we found a cheap kimono rental in Kyoto.

In the city center, you will find many kimono rental places, some cheaper than others. The cheapest we found was advertised around 2000YEN (18€). However, make sure to ask if this is the total prize or if taxes will be added as this happens a lot in Kyoto once you are going to pay.

Most places will probably be around 5000-8000 YEN (45-75€) per day. In this case, you usually get more expensive Kimonos to wear and can keep it a full day. Sometimes, those places also entice you with cheap offers like above, but if your partner (male) also wants to dress up, then it is like double the price just for him. Or most of the time those cheap offers don’t include all the accessories and hairstyling. It will always cost extra. My advice is to ask the following questions upfront:

  1. For how long can we wear the kimono?
  2. Are taxes already included in the price?
  3. How much does a kimono rental cost for men?
  4. Are accessories like bags, shoes, hair styling included?

Cheap Kimono Rental in Kyoto with Airbnb

We found our cheap kimono rental place in Kyoto via an Airbnb experience. It even included more than just the rental, but I will tell you all about it. 

We paid 22€ each and had to go to the house of the lady (Akemi) who carried out this experience. It was pretty easy to find, thanks to the images she sent us. Once we arrived, we were welcomed with a big smile and could choose our kimono amongst many.

She then, one by one, dressed us up. It takes longer for women, of course, as she will also do your hair and you have loads of accessories to choose from. I don’t know how many bands and layers I was actually wearing, and one thing is sure, I could have never done it myself. It’s like an art.

After we were both dressed up, we were offered 3 different sakes and snacks. Those sakes are usually drunk only on New Years and she made them herself. She also gave us a little paper where it was explained what each sake is and its taste.

Once we were done drinking and snacking, it was time to take some photos. She drove us in her car to a cool photo spot where we took photos. Then she said that we can walk around alone until 9 pm which was super generous of her.

When we brought back the kimono and left, she even gave us a farewell present which was such a cute and beautiful gesture! 

Location of cheap Kimono rental in Kyoto 

Her house is located between Bukkoji Street and Takatsuki Street on Kuromon Street. It is the third house on the right side after entering the alley opposite the coin parking. Three lanterns are on the entrance.

Why we should support these experiences

If you book such experiences directly from the people themselves, rather than big chains, you automatically support locals like Akemi. You give the money in the right hands and will be given a more unique experience than the other way. 

Not only is it cheaper for your wallet, but you have the chance to ask her anything you want about Japan, you don’t have to deal with hidden costs and will leave the place with a smile on your face.

I hope that helps you guys and in case you are looking for a cheap kimono rental in Kyoto, you will choose this one. Did you have cool Airbnb experiences already?

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Cheap Kimono Rental in Kyoto Japan

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