Most Popular Sightseeing Spots in Kyoto you should not miss

most-popular-sightseeing-spots-in-Kyoto-Yasaka Pagoda

Time for some sightseeing in Japan. I share with you the 6 most popular sightseeing spots in Kyoto you should not miss during your visit.

Kyoto has been Japan’s capital for most of the time and therefore is often referred too as the “real capital”. It is known for being well preserved and carrying lots of history and tradition, in comparison to modern Tokyo. 

Kyoto will spoil you with bamboo forests, ornate shrines, temples, dressed Geishas and much more. You will also be able to learn about tea, art, Buddhism and other parts of Japanese culture. 

Most Popular Sightseeing Spots in Kyoto

Arashiyama & Bamboo Forest

One popular sightseeing spot in Kyoto is Arashiyama, which is located on the outskirts of Kyoto. You will need public transportation to get there. Once you arrive there are loads of things to do. For example, you can visit the monkey park, cross the “Moon Crossing Bridge”, visit shrines and temples as well as the small village “Hamlet of Kiyotaki, or the bamboo forest. 

Bamboo Forest near Arashiyama in Kyoto

Fushinara Inari Shrine

Another popular sightseeing spot in Kyoto is Fushinara Inari Shrine. It is one of the oldest and most popular shrines in Kyoto. You can easily spend a day wandering around there. It’s especially known for its beautiful red gates (Torii) which form a pathway all the way up to the top. On the top, you will be rewarded with incredible views over Kyoto. Those gates have all been donated by families, people, and companies. 

TIP: When visiting make sure to wear good shoes as you need to walk uphill for a while.

Nishiki Market

Sightseeing makes very hungry. Therefore, visiting the 700-year-old Nishiki market, also known as “Kyoto’s kitchen”, should be on your list. It is a market located in downtown Kyoto which makes it very easy to find. 

On the market, you will find loads of famous goods from Kyoto, such as dried seafood, pickles, confection, seasoning, dumplings, fish cakes, yakitori and much more. It is very affordable to eat there and you can even taste certain food first before buying it.

It is the perfect place for hot or rainy days, as the whole market is covered up.


Gion – Geisha District

Gion is a district in Kyoto and another popular sightseeing spot in Kyoto. It is home to Geisha/Maiko dancers and used to be the entertainment district back in the days. Nowadays, you can try to spot Geishas there, enjoy delicious food, dress up as a Geisha yourself or watch a dance performance (while dining). 

If you go in the evening it will be very authentic and you will get a real feeling of how old, traditional Japan was. During the day you will also enjoy it as the architecture of the wooden houses is very beautiful. 

You will also find theatres (e.g. Gion Kobu Kaburenjo) there which do traditional Japanese performances, including Geisha performances in April.

Yokai/Monster Street 

Yokai cannot exactly be translated as “ghosts”. It is more a collection of spirits, monsters, demons, and ghosts which make up familiar faces and shapes in Japanese folklore. 

These homemade figures can be found in front of shops on Yokai street. It is not a typical tourist attraction, but I found them pretty cool.

monster street in kyoto

Yasaka Pagoda

Yasaka Pagoda is the most popular sightseeing spot in Kyoto. This famous landmark is located at the Hokanji temple. It is actually the most photographed place in Kyoto, so make sure to pass by. You can also go inside the Pagoda.

On the way there, you will pass through tiny alleys where you can enjoy food and refreshments, or buy some souvenirs. 

Yasaka Pagoda in Kyoto

Temples and Shrines

Of course, temples and shrines belong to the most popular sightseeing spots in Kyoto. Apparently there are over 4700 temples and shrines in Kyoto, so there is no way you can visit them all. Instead of listing them all separately, I will tell you the most famous one, and you can check which one you would like to visit. 

Here are some of the most famous temples in Kyoto: Hokanji temple, Kinkakuji temple, Kiyomizudera temple, Ginkakuji temple, and Tenryuji temple.

popular sightseeing spot - temple in Kyoto

Kyoto Tower 

The Kyoto Tower is the tallest building in Kyoto. You will be able to enjoy panoramic views over Kyoto from up there, all the way to Osaka. On the platform, important landmarks will be pointed out for you by telescopes and LED touch screens, so you know what you are looking at. 

In order to catch a good price deal, check out Klook upfront. 

TIP: You will also have an incredible view if you visit during sunset hour.

popular sightseeing spot in kyoto

Dine at a Restaurant in Pontocho 

Pontocho is a busy street with hundreds of restaurants, ranging from very expensive dining experiences to very inexpensive ones. Usually, the best restaurants are small, hidden, don’t advertise their menu in English, and cannot be found in a guide book.

popular sightseeing spots in Kyoto-pontocho-neighborhood

Local and Authentic Experiences 

There are loads of authentic experiences you can sign up for, such as tea ceremonies, kimono rental, samurai experience, dress up as a Geisha, cooking classes and much more. 

It’s best to take a look at Klook, GetYourGuide and Airbnb because you’ll find the best deals there for the following experiences:


Take Funny Photos in a Photo Box

If you have time for more fun, you should take some funny photos in the photo boxes. It is not like in Europe, where you just sit in the box, make some funny photos, and then the photo gets printed. 

In Japan, everything is colorful and cute. Therefore, you have the option to choose a background color, paint bunny ears, hearts, quotes, and other symbols on your photos before they get printed. It’s very funny! 

taking funny photos in a photo box in Kyoto

I hope you enjoyed those popular sightseeing spots in Kyoto and will visit one day. If you have visited other spots, please share!

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