Hippie Heaven Goa – No Better Place to Relax

Relaxing on hippie isand Goa

We started our trip off on the well known and sunny hippie island Goa. In total we stayed 3 days in order to get into holiday mood. I can completely understand why Goat is referred to as the hippie heaven, as the people, you will meet here, are very alternative, relaxed and of friendly nature.

What to do in Goa

Arpora Mackie’s Night Market

You will find loads of markets where people sell alternative things such as clothing, self made jewelry and many more artistic pieces.

We went to a night flee market called Arpora Mackie’s where I bought two really cool ashtrays (made out of coconut shell and painted with glow in the dark colours) and some amazingly, comfortable wide pants. Those feel really great on my skin since they won’t stick to my body in this hot temperature.

Arpora Mackie’s Night Market Goa

Gran Casino

Everyone who knows me, knows that I love going to casinos. It doesn’t matter which country I am in, if there is a casino, then I’m there!

Therefore we visited the Gran Casino in Goa. The entrance cost around 1000 RS (14€) and included three drinks as well as a meal. After a few hours and with a profit of 800RS (which I lost all in the end of course) we had a great night.

Henna Tattoo

What would a trip to India be without getting a Henna tattoo? Having said that, the first thing we did the next morning, was to go down to the beach and get a Henna tattoo on our hand and feet. Since it is popular amongst tourists to get one, you have to negotiate strongly for the final price. In the end we paid 750RS (10€) for the both of us, instead of 2000RS (27€) for each body part.

Henna Tattoo

Our Accommodation in Goa

The name of the “hotel“ we stayed in is Alcove Resort, a cute little place where you can enjoy breakfast outside and have lots of entertainment. Besides a pool there was a table tennis, pool table as well as a dance floor and DJ area.

Next to the breakfast area you will find stairs which bring you straight down to the beach in no longer than 30 seconds. It is a beautiful beach with many restaurants and deck chairs for free, if you consume something.

However, one fact you definitely have to get used to are the COWS. They are holy animals in India and are to be found everywhere. On the streets, in front of shops or your hotel, in between traffic jams and of course at the beach getting a tan as well. They are really calm animals and you can simply push them aside if they are in your way.

Watch out though when leaving trash behind. They really like leftovers of banana or coconut as I can tell you from personal experience. They will come and get it while you are busy sleeping or tanning.

Once you wake up, there will be a cow staring into your eyes as far away as 3cm from your face. Of course we took our one life-time opportunity and made thousands of selfies with our new friends – the cows.

Chilling with a cow in Goa

What and where to eat in Goa

In Goa, I tried local Indian food for the first time and definitely fell in love with “Paneer Chili”. A kind of a cottage cheese consistency with chili flavor, vegetables and fish and/or meat. It is up to you what you choose along with it. I must say, throughout my whole trip in India, this dish remained my #1 Favorite Indian Dish of all times.

However, we did not always eat Indian food, especially not at the very beginning. That’s why I have to recommend you a MUST GO TO restaurant when being in Goa.

It is called Thalassa and I had the most delicious Tuna wrap on this planet there. You should definitely spend a visit and try any of their freshly prepared dishes, enjoy music, a drink and dance if you are in the mood. Not to mention the view over the ocean.

Transportation in Goa

In order to get around Goa, you can take a taxi, rent a car or (what most people did) a scooter. Since we were with the three of us, it was cheaper renting a car for those three days.

After Goa, we continued our trip to Jodphur, Jaipur and Pushkar.

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