10 Things to do in Amsterdam on a Sunny Day


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Even though The Netherlands has around 130 rainy days a year, the city’s charme certainly changes once the sun comes out. Especially during spring and summer, Amsterdam is one of the most enjoyable cities in Europe. Here are 10 fun things to do in Amsterdam on a sunny day.

10 Fun Things to do in Amsterdam

Outdoor Adventure Game

The first fun thing to do in Amsterdam on a sunny day is an outdoor adventure game like the one Landventure offers. You can do it by yourself, or with friends and family. All you need is your smart phone.

On the website you will choose a mission. There are currently 2 in Amsterdam. I played the secret mission one, and it was a lot of fun. The riddles you have to solve along the way are not too hard, and not too easy which made it a pleasant experience and exciting to continue.

Playing an outdoor city adventure game like this one really let’s you explore Amsterdam differently. You notice small details on buildings, you otherwise probably would never look up to. You basically get to know Amsterdam from another perspective, not only the usual sightseeing/tourist walk.

To get a 10€ discount on your game, use code “sixtina25”.

BBQ in Park or Picnic 

Amsterdam is one of the greenest capitals in Europe. There are loads of parks in each neighbourhood, for example Westerpark, Oosterpark, or Vondelpark (the biggest of them all).

Just get yourself a disposable grill from the supermarket, and enjoy a lovely BBQ in one of the parks. Alternatively, you can also just have a picnic if you don’t want to grill. Albert Hijn has the perfect finger food snacks. 

Ij Brouwerij 

Another fun thing to do in Amsterdam on a sunny day is to visit Ij Brouwerij. It is a brewery inside of a windmill, but also has an outside area to sit. You can do a beer tasting of different locally brewed beers, accompanied with some savoury snacks, like cheese, meat or nuts.

Ij Hallen

If you like second hand shopping, then check out the largest flea market in Amsterdam, namely Ij Hallen. It is located in the North of Amsterdam and reachable with the free ferry from the Central Station, towards NDSM.

Just a 5 minute walk from the ferry stop, and a 5€ entrance fee, and you are ready to enjoy a sunny day in Amsterdam. You’ll find everything from vintage stuff, to baby stuff, loads of clothes, games and much more. There are also food stalls to take a break and rest your feet, or snack something in between. 

The flea market isn’t happening every weekend, but certain dates only. Check out the website to be sure.

selling things at the flew market in Germany

NDSM Wharf

If you don’t feel like visiting Ij Hallen, just enjoy a stroll around the colourful NSDM Wharf – a very artsy neighbourhood of Amsterdam. It has become a very cultural hotspot with loads of graffitis and unique restaurants/buildings over the past years and is also the perfect place for electronic music and festival fans.  


One fun thing to do in Amsterdam on a sunny day certainly is to SUP on the canals. There are loads of renting places in each neighbourhood of Amsterdam. The one I rented from is just at the Amstel. 

Rent a boat in Amsterdam

There is nothing better to do in Amsterdam on a sunny day then renting a boat for 2 hours and drive through the canals. You can choose between driving a boat yourself, or have a captain. We usually rent them ourselves, and bring our own drinks and snacks onboard. 

Check out the most affordable places to rent a boat in Amsterdam.


Stroll through outdoor markets 

On weekends, but also sometimes during the week, you can get a fully belly by strolling through Amsterdam’s markets. Very famous ones are Albert Cuyp Market, Waterlooplein Market, Westerstraat, Dappermarket or Noordermarkt. Basically every neighbourhood in Amsterdam has one.

You will find loads of international food stall, but also flowers, veggie and fruit stands, or clothes. 

Weekend farmers market

Have fun at countless Festivals

Amsterdam really comes alive in summer during festival seasons. Especially during July and August you will have a big choice of outdoor festivals of all types of music. It does not matter if you prefer house music, African vibes, hip hop, latino sounds etc., everyone will be covered!

I have been to “Welcome to the Future”, “Appelsap” and another one where I don’t remember the name. All of them have been big fun!


Enjoy a drink at a Roof Tops or Terrace 

In Amsterdam you can literally find a cozy place to sit down and enjoy a refreshing drink anywhere. Either get your own drinks, and chill next to the canals, or find yourself a nice roof top or terrace. Here are a few recommendations: 

Roof Tops in Amsterdam

W Lounge is just across the W hotel, near DAM Square. It’s the perfect cocktail bar with a 360° view of the city. 

Sky Lounge Hilton – Just next to Central Station you can enjoy a drink at the Sky Lounge of the Hilton Hotel. Simply take the elevator to the 13th floor and pass the time until your train leaves. 

A’dam Tower – The A’dam Tower is located in Amsterdam Noord and reachable with the free ferry from central station. It is 22 stories high and has a panorama deck, bar and restaurant on top.


Terraces in Amsterdam

Hannekes Boom – One of my favourite terraces in Amsterdam is Hannekes Boom. It is located within walking distance from Central Station, just next to the water and with a view on Nemo museum. You can enjoy drinks, but also yummy seafood, meat, or veggies dishes.

You most likely will see people arrive there by boat since it also has an easy-going dock. The vibes and atmosphere is so much fun there, you’ll see. 

Waterkant – One very famous terrace is Waterkant as it is very central and directly located in front of the canal. The food there is inspired by Surinamese dishes, but there are also burgers or ribs. You won’t be served there, but have to order yourself at the bar.

Dignita Hoftuin – This terrace is located in multiple places in Amsterdam (east, west, center), and a very lovely green terrace to take a break. Their brunch menu is delicious as well.

Amstel Hoek – This terrace is located at the Amstel River and perfect for larger groups. While enjoying your drink, you can watch boats sail by and admire the architecture you are surrounded by. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, and got some ideas on what to do in Amsterdam on a sunny day.

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