Backwater Tour in Allepey and Varkala Beach


The last week we wanted to round up our holidays in a relaxed and peaceful place. After all those exciting and fast-paced city trips in Jodphur, Agra and Jaipur, we really need it.

Therefore, we decided to spend the rest of the time in the south of India. We took a plane to Cochi and continued with a 3-4 hours drive to Varkalaour final destination.

Our Accommodation

We decided to stay 6 days in Sea Shore Beach Resort, a kind of spa with the beach right in front of it.

The resort is a great place to read a book in one of the many hammocks, enjoy freshly served breakfast outside or relax while getting a massage.

Every night it got dark around 5-6 pm already and sometimes the electricity wouldn’t work. So, all we could basically do was talk or sleep.


If you happen to travel in the south of India, I advise you to take mosquito spray with you. Otherwise, you’ll end up like me that one night when I got attacked by a whole army of mosquitos. Result: About 35 stitches.

Varkala Beach

In Varkala, I fell in love with the beach promenade. It is full of different kinds of restaurants offering all kinds of dishes, be it Indian, Chinese or European. You will find fresh fish, Naan bread, Wok, pasta, pizza, etc. on almost every menu.


Backwater Tour in Allepey

On our way back to Cochi airport we had quite some time to spend. We spontaneously decided to do a backwater tour in Alleppey.

For around 2000RS (25€) each, we had our own private boat and driver for 2 hours.

While slowly floating over the water, we passed by some villages. Basically, these were small houses somewhere on the water, with no direct access to the city but only via boat.

We saw many women washing their clothes and plates in “river”, others showering in there and kids playing in the exact same water.

It was amazing to see how simple life can be and how little things you really need on a daily basis. This backwater tour in Allepey really got me thinking.


Finally, if you have more time than us, you may want to book a few nights on a floating houseboat. Prices start from around 6500RS (90€).

I am sure, even though it is a bit costly, it will be a unique experience. I will definitely go for it the next time I am in Allepey.

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