Volunteer Work in Laos at a Boutique Hotel


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During our long term travel trip through Asia, we visited Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand. Once again we decided to do some volunteer work in Laos the moment we arrived. This time we got to spend some nights in a luxury boutique hotel.

About Lao Poet Boutique Hotel

Lao Poet is a boutique hotel in the city center of Laos’s capital Vientiane. No matter if you visit for a holiday or business, you will be provided with a unique, comfortable, elegant and relaxing environment.

The hotel’s interior is a mix of the modern mixed with Indochina style from the 1930s. It is very colorful which creates a very friendly and happy environment.


Volunteer Work in Laos 

During our volunteer work in Laos of around 10 days, we didn’t really have fixed hours like during our volunteer work in Japan or volunteer work in South Korea.

This time it was rather project-based and we delivered whenever we were ready. Our main tasks were to take photos, create videos, a website, do some SEO and graphic design. For example, we designed the new menu of the hotel in the jungle design, we created videos of hotel events such as the movie night or took photos of the hotel which could be used on the website. 


One big project we were given during our volunteer work in Laos was to create a website for a new restaurant related to the hotel. Its name is Amphone and we got to spend a few hours there to take photos, make videos, talk to the staff and enjoy the local Laotian cuisine. It was really fun and super delicious! 

In exchange for our work, we got to stay for free in this luxury boutique hotel, could use all facilities, participate in the events, and were offered free food. In the morning we could always choose between international breakfast or Laotian cuisine. For lunch and dinner, we could either eat with the other staff members in the canteen or just eat in town.


Accommodation & Facilities in Lao Poet

Lao Poet has different kinds of rooms which all follow a kind of urban jungle design. Some rooms are bigger and some are smaller. There are even suites. They really paid attention to detail in each room and you had a great view of the city.

One of my favorite things during our volunteer work in Laos definitely was the rooftop of Lao Poet with its infinity pool. Every morning after breakfast we went for a swim to wake up and enjoy the view.

Every Monday the rooftop turned into an open-air cinema. People from the hotel and also from outside joined for Lao Poet’s movie night. A big screen was set up and a cozy atmosphere created by providing tanning beds to lay down instead of chairs to sit down.

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