Volunteer work in South Korea in Re-do Backpackers

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Once again we found volunteer work in South Korea. In total, we stayed in a small beach town called Jumunjin for 2 weeks.

About Re-Do Backpackers 

Re-Do Backpackers is an eco-friendly hostel which is almost made entirely from recycled good and donations. It follows the motto: reuse, reduce or recycle. Nothing really goes to waste here.

The mission of Re-do is to create environmental awareness and an international community. It’s the perfect place for nature lovers, adventurous, gourmets, or party people. 

The place is a two-story house, including a rooftop, where you will find the common area on the bottom and the rooms on the top. You will find a shared kitchen and attached to it is a pub to hang out. From the roof terrace, you can enjoy the view over the ocean, do your daily exercises, or simply hang out for a drink.

Re-Do Backpackers in Jumunjin in South Korea

All the artwork you find in the hostel is made by volunteers or guests out of trash, shells, wood, metal, glass, fabric, or whatever they could find. The cool thing is that if your artwork sells, you get 50% of the money. So, you better start getting creative when visiting Re-Do Backpackers.

There are also themed evenings throughout the week, such as “tell your travel stories”, “share your favorite youtube videos”, “culture seminars” and so on. These events are voluntary though.

If you are interested in doing volunteer work in South Korea, then this is the place to be. There is no limit on how long you can stay. Some people even have been there for 3-6 months.

What to do in Jumunjin

Re-Do Backpackers is located on the coast near Jumunjin’s city center and just a few footsteps away from the beach. You can go snorkeling, kayaking, surfing, fishing, play badminton, volleyball, football, or simply enjoy a day at the beach and watch the sunset.

Fish, Fish, Fish

You will find lots of fish restaurants wherever you go, and of course, a fish market where you can eat very fresh food. You can also rent fishing gear and try your luck yourself.

fish restaurants in Jimunjin Southkorea

Famous Bus Stop

BTS is a very famous Korean band that produced a song called “You never walk alone”. The album cover of this song is a bus stop which can actually be found here in Jumunjin. It is around 10 min away from the hostel by bike or 30 min by foot.


Just around the corner and a 15 min walk away from Re-Do Backpackers, you can visit a red lighthouse. It looks very cool in its scenery, surrounded by the ocean and rocks. 

Red lighthouse in Jumunjin

Visit Gangneung

If you are bored with Jumunjin, you can also visit the neighbor city Gangneung. There you will find loads of tourist attractions, go shopping or partying.

English Language  

English language is not very spread out yet, and lots of things are only in Korean. However, the owner Damien is very well connected with everyone there and happy to help out always. 

Thanks to him we were able to surf and kayak for free, went to a South Korean housewarming party, got a discount on fishing gear and much more. He is super generous and helpful.

TIP: Download the Google Translator App and download the Korean language and your native one, so you have them available offline. When in the supermarket, just use the camera function and scan the product for a translation. 

Volunteer Work in South Korea: Daily Tasks 

During our volunteer work in South Korea, we had to work 4h per day. The first hour was for cleaning everything, including kitchen, toilets, rooms and common areas. 

The other 3h is for your own creativity. You can build, paint, cut, spray, and create stuff. This can be, for example, shelves, curtains, paintings, signs or whatever comes into your mind. There are no limits and the owner Damien is very grateful for any kind of idea to improve Re-Do Backpackers. 

During my 2 weeks, I painted some signs, sewed some curtains, cut some wood, hang some shelves, and created a few videos for their social media accounts.

If you are interested in volunteer work abroad, sign up with Worldpackers and save 40% on the yearly membership with my promo code “sixmilesaway”.

You can also read more about volunteer work in Japan and volunteer work in Laos.

I hope you enjoyed these insights about volunteer work in South Korea. If you are planning to visit South Korea, as a customer or volunteer, check out the DMZ Tour in Seoul.

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