What travelers can do against pollution and exploitation

Beach clean up in Ireland

Traveling is fun! Traveling is awesome! Traveling is great! Yes it is!

However, traveling also comes with lots of pollution and exploitation. Being a frequent traveler myself, I feel responsible to contribute to sustainability and give back to the people who are affected by exploitation.

Plitvice national park in Croatia

As I love to travel and don’t want to renounce it, those are the things I do to contribute to the environment that is affected by the travel industry.


  • Use lose soaps instead of plastic bottled shampoo
  • Deo roller in glass bottles instead of spray deodorant 
  • Food packed in boxes for reuse instead of wrapping my food each time in a paper
  • Buy lose vegetables, if possible, and not wrapped up ones in plastic
  • Bringing my own bags when going grocery shopping in order to not buy unnecessary plastic bags
  • Use public transport where possible or use my bike – I don’t own a car
  • Don’t print unnecessary things like plane tickets, but work with apps on your smartphone 
Bike tour through Reykjavik with WOWcitybike


  • Join volunteer groups and events in my city or abroad in order to help the community, e.g. beach clean up, feeding the homeless, wrapping Christmas boxes for Africa
  • Give higher tips when making use of services abroad, e.g. after a massage, in restaurants, free walking tours, etc.
Beach clean up in Ireland

In the end, nobody is perfect but integrating just small changes into your daily life has such a big impact.

It’s also about the right balance. You don’t have to renounce of anything, just keep it in a healthy balance and don’t overdo it. That’s all!

What are you already doing in your daily life?

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