Top Barcelona Sights for Free or Little Money

Today I would like to tell you about Barcelona’s sights you should not miss out on while being there. Of course there are many more but I picked out my favorite ones I went to a lot during my 6 months stay over there. The once I chose are easy to reach, for free or little money.


This market hall is located in the city center, right in the middle of Las Ramblas, the most popular street for tourist when in Barcelona. It is a great stop when being hungry or thirsty. You will easily find small snacks and refreshments. Perfect for when it is a hot day. Besides that, there is a big variety of fruits, vegetables, chocolates and much more. You will also find small stands which already have prepared food for you and here you will be able to sit down and eat on the spot. One downside is that during high season, there are many tourists in Barcelona and it will be very crowded in the market hall. Therefore, watch out for your personal belongings and don’t buy at the first stand you see. All the things repeat and usually in the back of the market the exact same thing is offered and it is cheaper. No idea why. Probably because people get stuck in the beginning and are too lazy to squeeze through the mass of people to reach the back. For example I always bought fresh pressed juices there. In the front they wanted 2.50€ and in the back only 1€ for the same juice.




Another one of Barcelona’s sight is Park Güell, created by the famous architect Antoni Gaudí. The story behind it is that Eusebi Güell, a politician, was impressed by the English gardens and wanted to have a similar one in Barcelona. Thats how the project started. Park Güell was meant to have 60 villas inside but it failed and only 3 were built. The house of Güell, Gaudí and an architect friend of him. Long story short, one house nowadays is a school, the other one a museum and the last one is still inhabited. Back in 2012/2013 when I lived there the entrance to the park was free but now they take an entrance fee, starting from 5€ up to 35€, depending on what you want. A guided tour obviously is more expensive than just an entrance ticket. You can buy tickets in advance on their website. I believe it still is worth going there and having a fun day trip. Drink a cafe there, have a nice view over the city and enjoy the colorful park with all its unique shapes and atmosphere.





Poble Espanyol can be translated as „Spanish Village“ and is Barcelona’s famous open air museum. It was meant to be built only for the World Exhibition but was doing so well that Barcelona decided to keep it afterwards. Inside you will feel like you are in different parts of Spain and are able to find lots of artist, selling and producing their handmade art. Beginning with jewelry, paintings, toys, pottery, clothes, glass blowing etc. Here you have an overview of all stores in the village. There are many possibilities to eat different dishes such as tapas, fish or meat dishes and Pinchos. My favorite store of all times is „Sabor Andaluz“ where you can taste ham, oil, chocolates etc. before you buy. In the back of her shop the owner recently opened a restaurant where you can enjoy fresh Pinchos for the little hunger. It is really fresh and original food in the shop as well as in the restaurant. I became very close friends with the owner as I taught herself and her kids English and German during those 6 months and ate there many times. The museum is open every day and entrance costs 11€ for adults.


poble_espanyol_barcelona   poble_espanyol_alley


If you don’t feel like spending a lot of money but rather look for free activities in Barcelona you should check out the magic fountain. What is it? The water of the fountain splashes into the air in different kind of shapes. Along with a light show and some nice classical music playing in the background it creates a welcoming atmosphere to finish up your long day walking. You can enjoy the magic fountain play close to La Plaza de Catalunya and Montjuic. During summers (April – October) it happens Fridays and Saturdays between 9:30pm and 10:30pm/11:30pm and in winter (November-Januar) it starts from 7:00pm until 9:00pm.



This is one of Barcelona’s most famous street(s) which leads from the city center all the way down to the harbor. On that street you will find several restaurants, bars, souvenir shops but also entertainment. There are painters, dancers, human statues and much more to make your stay worthwhile. However, pay attention to your personal belongings since it is a very busy and crowded place and therefore often abused to steal from tourists.



Another sightseeing obligation and Barcelona hot spot is La Sagrada Familia, the probably most famous church by now. Not only does the waiting time of its completion increase every year but also the ridiculous story about the architect’s death made this church hit the news for many years. It is totally worth going there and having a walk around the church. Me myself never went inside as I have always been too lazy to wait in line. However, I walked around many times with all my visitors. There is so much attention to detail and really great architectural shapes and stories behind this church. So even if you don’t want to go inside or are a big fan of churches and architecture, you will still enjoy a walk around.



Those two buildings are another two masterpieces of Gaudí. Located right in the city center on La Passeig de Gràcia they are easy to reach and cannot be missed. You can either pay entrance (about 20€) and check out the inside of the houses with its architectural uniqueness and colors or just take photos from the outside. Both places have their own charm and cafe/roof terrace to hang out.




Camp Nuo is the home stadium to the football club FC Barcelona. If you happen to be there during a game and are able to get a cheap ticket like me, I would recommend you going inside the stadium. My friends and me only watched a friendship game but that was totally fine. We bought the cheapest available tickets which of course were all the way up on the top. I have to tell you I was a bit dizzy. I did not expect it to be that high at all. It simply did not look that high from down there.



One fact why for me Barcelona is the perfect city to live is the beach. Did you know that Barcelona did not have real beaches but those are artificial ones? Anyways, if you don’t want to spend money it is worth going for a walk at the beach along the coast. You will see lots of people hanging out there doing zip lining between palm trees, having a drink in the beach bars, working out or simply getting a tan.


Alight people, that’s it for now about Barcelona’s sights. I hope you enjoy this city as much as I did. Feel free to also check out Fun Facts about Barcelona to be even better prepared for your visit.