4 Reasons Why You Should Use your Bike


My long term stay (4 years) in The Netherlands really taught me to appreciate my bike and choose it over any other transportation, wherever I am.

No matter if I am at home, on vacation or elsewhere, whenever possible, I prefer to rent a bike to explore cities. Below you will find 4 reasons why you should use your bike.

Exploring Made Easy

Bike Love

The main advantage of using your bike is that you barely have to follow street rules. You can enter one-way streets or squeeze through tiny streets where no car or bus could possible pass through.

Ever since I lived in Amsterdam, I really appreciated my bike as traffic was horrible and getting from A to B took way longer in public transport than by bike.

It is also convenient that you don’t have to stick to certain hours or bus schedules but are flexible. So, in case you want to stay longer with your friends, have another drink or great conversation, you easily can. 

Cheap & Easy

One reason as of why you should use your bike are the prices. Prices for parking tickets or single rides of public transport are ridiculous nowadays. You can better spend that money on something you like during vacation, rather than on transportation (if possible).

If you bike, you also don’t need to worry about parking permits, parking tickets or squeeze into a stinky bus with lots of people, being scared to miss your stop because you can’t get out. Your bike you can easily park anywhere.


Another reason why you should use your bike is its efficiency. The Dutch are a good example to see what you can carry on a bike besides yourself.

They carry almost everything on them, be it friends, pets, children, groceries, furniture or other things. Thanks to great accessories it is possible to transport almost anything. If you don’t believe me just spend some time in The Netherlands and you will see.

Environmentally friendly and healthy

First of all biking, of course, does not produce harmful oxygens when in use, which is good for you and the environment you live in.

Secondly, you indirectly sport and exercise, keeping your body and yourself in balance. I always have excuses why not to go to the gym, be it the weather or time constraints. Using my bike on a daily basis, I can calm my conscience as I move my body at least a bit every day.

Now everyone, I would really like to know if you agree with those reasons as of why you should use your bike or not? Do you bike to school, university, work or when on holidays? 

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