Wedding time in Greece on Antiparos


You all know how much I love weddings, especially when they are international. This summer I was invited to one in Greece.

My German friend, who I met in Ireland, got married to a half Greek/half Italian man on a Greek island called Antiparos. It was quite a ride to get there but totally worth it.

We flew to Athens, then took a 4h ferry to Paros and another one for 30 min to Antiparos. Check out my post to find out how to spend 24 hours in Athens.

How to get to Antiparos

We booked our ferries for Greece online. You have the option to get the ticket sent to you via post or pick it up yourself on the day, you travel, at their counter. We did the second option because getting it per post was like 10€ extra, what we were not willing to pay. Plus it would have probably not arrived on time since we booked super late. 

To get to the port where the ferry leaves, you can take the green metro line and get off at Piraeus. There you will find lots of counters to get your ticket, if u didn’t print it or got it via email beforehand.

After that you just have to find the correct ferry. The best is to ask someone standing around there from the ferries service since there are so many ferries and it is not always obvious which ones is the correct one.


Once you arrive in Paros, you have 2 options to make your way to Antiparos.

The first options is to take a bus from port Parikia (where you arrive with the big ferry) to port of Pounta and then take another ferry from there. This one only takes about 10 min and is very cheap (approx. 1,50€).

The second option would be to take a boat right next to the port Parikia for about 5€, which takes around 45min.

We did the 2nd option because we had luggage and didn’t want to catch a bus (we had no idea when this one would be coming anyways) or wait in the hot sun. It was more convenient for us to just jump from one boat to the next one.

However, the day we arrived it was so super windy that I thought our boat is gonna capsize. It was a turbulent rollercoaster ride. Funny enough – lots of people sitting in the front got very sick and threw up over the railing one by one. Apparently, this seems to happen a lot as the crew was well prepared and helped out super fast by bringing them in the back of the boat to lay down on all our bags. *haha*


The Greek Wedding

The day of the wedding we all arrived around late afternoon/early evening in order to enjoy the reception and wedding at beach with everyone. 

It was not a traditional Greek wedding since it was very international audience. We had Greek, Italians, Germans, Americans, Mexicans, Israelians and many more nationalities present. The couple decided not to do embarrassing traditions but rather have a good time with food and lots of dancing. 

One thing we had to do though was to write, on a piece of paper, what we predict the couple to be/have in 5 years time, such as living in a big house with a cat and 2 babies or other funny things like winning the lottery etc. All those papers go into a closable glass (we called it time capsule) and have to be buried on the beach or elsewhere (e.g. garden). After 5 years the couple has to dig up the time capsule and read through all the papers in order to have a good laugh and see who got the closest with their predictions.


The Boat Trip

Another great thing the married couple did, was to organize a boat trip for all of us (around 60 people). This was their way of saying thank you to everyone who came all the way over.

The trip started at 10am and included 6 stops throughout the day at different beaches and open water spots. We enjoyed floating champagne, could slide and jump from the boat, snorkel and much more.

At midday, we had a great BBQ with fresh grilled fish and meat, before we went back at around 5pm.


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